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Instagram Thrift shopping-clothes edition

Feb 1, 202217 min readParvathy Nair

The thrifting trend is gaining momentum in the Indian market and slowly becoming the latest trend in the Indian Instagram shopping scene.

What is thrift shopping, you may ask? Thrift shopping is basically the process of using pre-owned/pre-loved clothes or upcycling them to use them further rather than throwing them out.

What makes thrifting so attractive to Gen Z? It's 2 significant points, The first one being Affordability! Obviously, everyone knows cute clothes almost every time puts a dent in your bank account. Thrifting gives an option to purchase vintage and fashionable clothes at affordable rates. The second reason is the aversion to fast fashion; Gen Z knows it is all about sustainability, and thrifting is one of those little things they can do to help the environment.

Here are our top 5 Instagram Thrift shops that we absolutely love

1) Thrift and Thrive

Instagram Thrift shops

If you are looking for jackets, this is the right place, their puffer jacket collections are to die for, and they have great pairs of pants and all the varsity jackets you can think of. Right now, they are heavily promoting their varsity jackets, but they also have a great collection of sexy skirts and corsets, but they seem to sell out like hot cakes

Price Range: 1K-2K

Followers: 41.5K

Things to look out for: Its the best place for jackets

2) Vintage Laundry

Instagram Thrift shops

"Gender fluid, vintage, thrifted sasta kapda for broke millennials" this pretty much explains their brand. Their clothes are fun and quirky and anything but basic. This is not the place you come for your basics; vintage laundry is all about vibrant and flirty colors that give you goa vibes with their wide variety of Hawaiin shirts that make you stand out.

Price Range: 500 Rs-1.5K

Followers: 15.7K

Things to look out for: Shipping Included

3) Lulu thrift

![Instagram Thrift shops

If I was a hot influencer who is a Lil strapped on cash and cared about the environment, this is exactly where I would shop at. They are always on top of trends, and I absolutely love their collection of dresses which are the perfect balance of sexy and cute. Their sweatshirt collection is also very on-trend.

Price Range: n.a

Followers: 22.5K

Things to look out for: Shipping on mondays

4) Snazzy Thrift

![Instagram Thrift shops

It is all about sustainable fashion. They mainly concentrate on tops and bikini tops, and they routinely put up budget sales to increase engagement. They are always keeping up with the rends and literally updating their wardrobe. So if you are looking for cute tops, head on right over.

Price Range: Under 1K

Followers: 22.1K

Things to look out for: Dm to order

5) Bombay closet cleanse

![Instagram Thrift shops

If you are on the lookout for vintage branded clothes and accessories, this is the place to be; from Gucci to Louis Vuitton, most high-fi brands probably got them all. They also have seasonal sales for products to get more info and explore more items; you can also visit their website

Price Range: Jackets (1k-3K), Luxurious items on sale in website

Followers: 30.2K

Things to look out for: They do rentals, Dm to order

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