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Tu karm karte jaa, phal ki chinta na kar. ✨
Im see’rious! 👀
There’s no meaning to life if there isn’t (pro)gress! 🤘🏻
Smile more and more, and more! ❤️ Supercool dad! I wish you a very happy birthday! ✨
What’s up ron bwoy? ❤️
‘Jo Mera Hai’ is out now on the channel. ❤️❤️ I hope ya’ll like it! ✨ *link in the bio
‘Jo Mera Hai’ 9th January, Tomorrow, 12 pm. ❤️ Link in the bio. Set a reminder.
Smaller the thought process, blinder you get to possibilities world has for you! There’s always a kinder side of the world, waiting for you to leave your thoughts about what happened, and just optimistically think about what good can you make happen! ❤️ #Aradhya
Yes 2021, I’ll only see you one more night! ❤️ Thank you for being a year full of opportunities, fun, love , problems, and lots of pain accompanied by learning ! ✨ So far so good! 😙 To my fans, family, friends, colleagues, you are amazing! I love all of you! ❤️ Farewell 2021. 2022 has a lot in store! . @mallika_singh_official_ @sktorigins @kingbasantbhatt @amitcoolamie @punyakar @imdvsh @harrsh24 @madanbashyal @nitin.m.gupta @loknath.pandey @kartikeymalviya @hellyshahofficial @chickoobabes @darshanyewalekar @pratikkalee @swaap77 @arpitranka @chahalgavie @vissu_mehra @sambomukherjee @shyamydv08 @sankeyy97 @saurabh___m @kapoortisha @kanchandubey__ @ishita.gangopadhyay2012 @manisha.saxena
A little dive into home. A little connection with the roots. Sneaking into myself, learning what I learnt, what i lost, where i am clueless, where i lost track of myself, and lastly what i achieved. Realising i am still immature and wise, emotional fool and practical, residing my heart far ahead of what eyes can see and ears can hear. Battles unheard have been fought, Targets harder have been attempted. The rougher roads before the paradise, Have my heart tempted! In short, so far, so good! ❤️ Got everything, i need! ✨
Its hard to live with my ownself. I expect a lot from myself! And i am glad that i do! ✨
First appearance on screen- 18th December 2012. 9 Years to this day. ✨ . ‘I remember i was giving my all inn, just so I don’t get kicked out of the audition’. . Since this date, life has been a roller coaster. Ups and downs i cherish. I am thankful to those who supported me ,to those who guided me, scolded me, helped me even financially when i had nothing. My mentors, my friends, my colleagues! Biggies who provided me opportunities! Im grateful . . Thank you my ‘sumedhians’. Idk from where ya’ll get this much love for me! But i can just say i am grateful! My family, my close ones, and i, am proud to have my fans. And i will never let ya’ll down🙏🏻 . And lastly just as everyone’s journey consists, the people who had the biggest contribution in my journey, the naysayers, the people who judged the person before he grew, people who always chose to see negative in me, People who i trusted and was bad mouthed by the same. People who still secretly dislike. Thank you. You all gave me different insights to look towards, life, towards my own self. When some of you were so hard on me, i learnt my flaws, sometimes I learnt to cherish the good in me not waiting for others to cherish it. And therefore realised how important self love is! ❤️ . If you are reading this, in whichever category you fall! Know, my life and my journey, is incomplete without your contribution! 🙏🏻❤️ . Over the period, my immature mind thinks i might have learnt, what this journey is about. ‘Now its not about giving it all coz of the fear of getting kicked out, Now, its about giving it all inn, coz you love doing so!’ . Thank you everyone! ❤️
Tu muskura, Mera sab tera hai, Kamiyabi, shauhrat, pyaar sab kuch. Ye waqt bas mere khwaabon ne liya hai. Par ye khwaab bhi jald tujhe haseen zindagi denge! ❤️ HBD my tension seeker! ✨🤗❤️
Behind the back, who knows what goes on? But ahead, you do know what you have to create. We are hustlers, Affected often, but never broken enough to stop. ✨
My blood seeks perfection- says the pimple on adam’s apple! 🥺
Let's fight vaccine hesitancy together kyunki darr ke aagey jeet hai. Chaliye hum sab milkar kadam badhaye ek naye kal ki ore, jo tabhi mumkin hai jab hum le COVID-19 vaccines ke dono doses. Let’s all come together and participate in India's first ever Telethon on vaccination, be a part of the celebration today #Sanjeevani A Shot Of Life, a - @federalbanklimited CSR initiative. @apollo_24x7 #PooraTikaLagao. Log on to Watch the telethon live across all platforms of #Network18.
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Its a wrap.. Now we wait.. #escaypelive
Brb 🤟🏻
Pehle ke tajurbe, Paheli ek mujhe bana chuke hain. Jo bhi dikhta hu, Usske peeche main kahi chhipa hua hoon. Paheli suljhane ki umeed to zamaane se rakhi nahi. Par kamaal hai, Door se hi dekh ye zamana faisla kar baitha. Aur main ab bhi chhipa hua hoon. ❤️
Every time i do a scene that connects me with Shree Krishn even 1%. I realise you’ll have 100 reasons to breakdown. You’ll need to find that ray in you that gets you positivity, that ray is enough to deal with those 100 problems in your life. ❤️ Great Experience of life doesn’t lie in a easy life where you aren’t attacked, where you don’t fail, where don’t feel lost every once in a while. ✨
Thank you @buycepsindia ! You have my back always! ❤️
Today we have information, entertainment, communication, all the educational, spiritual, mental help, at a distance of a single touch. Opportunities are not as sacred as they were before, fame is not that difficult either if you compare to years in the past. We have hundred’s of options for everything we want, everything we have. To be honest, what we really lack, is GRATITUDE. Gratitude for being where you are , doing what you do, getting the opportunity that you have, having the people that you have. Take a moment and appreciate! ❤️ World is vast and we are knowing it through our phones, but do not let it make you feel that your life and existence isn’t enough for you, do not let it swipe you away from your present moment, from nature. ✨ Take a breathe , appreciate!
" A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. " Yoko Ono Here is to a team that turned their dreams to reality - Together! And what a fun celebration we had to commemorate this:) And now we want to share these special moments with you, our fans without whom we would be nothing! Watch exclusive footage from the event only on the Swastik Productions YouTube Channel. New episodes streaming daily. Starting Today! Watch now and tell us what you think? Link - @sktorigins @rahultewary @g3gill @kaulritesh @sandeepgulati161 @saketts @Smritichandel @Sonalg1173 @sid_tewatiya @amolsurve1 @rohitshastri.official @desmonddgama @pappumahto111 @abhi_sarkar15 @swastiksurindia @one_life_studios_official @beatking_sumedh @mallika_singh_official_ @ihimanshusoni @[email protected]@[email protected] @realswastik @swastiksurindia #radhakrishna #krishna#radheradhe #harekrishna#radharani#isk
D-A-R-K-I-E 🖤 @sktorigins @disneyplushotstar
Blue needs to be appreciated! 💙
We all somewhere have a side to ourselves we need to explore. Question our thoughts, actions, fears, abilities just be to sure if we really are right, or thats what we think. Its more than important to live a life where you are really aware of what’s happening and what must. Don’t wait for anyone to guide, coz all the guidance is nothing without your will to explore. Don’t wait for anyone to embrace, coz most of the people you know, will perceive you as you perceive yourself. Its okay to be confused, seeking help or attention around, feeling vulnerable. Just don’t stay there. When its time to dive inn into your own deep self. Do it! ✨ It doesn’t matter how many wish ill for you, its better to not even think about it. What matters, is how kindly you deal with the negativity. How nicely you can stop the negativity from making you negative! ❤️ Wish a best life to everyone.
Shree Krishn, Gopal, Kaptasur or Girdhari? Which portrayal you loved the most?
What made this birthday special that I didn’t wish to and didn’t celebrate was ‘0’ expectations! ✨ It started with work, and rest of it went as i gradually kept feeling gratitude all the way towards the last hour. Its all overwhelming love that’s making the difference here. Its good to see you aren’t fooling around in life, being kinder, being more positive, being a hustler, a seeker, a fighter, being creative, all of it counts! World sees everything if you’re consistent and true about it! ✨ Enough motivation for now! Thankful to everyone for their love and support. The journey you all have stood for, or appreciated or even acknowledged in anyway that supports, might go down, only to come rising up ! ❤️ Thank you! 🙏🏻✨
Were you ready for this surprise? ❤️ @sktorigins . #Darkangel #Darkie #Escaypelive #disneyplushotstar #missyouajji❤️
Thank you! ❤️ #800episodesofradhakrishn
How many years to this? ✨ #danceindiadanceseason4
Its nothing, we are just growing up to see life for what it is. The harsh truths are painful, yet they teach us what life’s all about, teach us how to cherish life. We have pain, limited time, and a lot to appreciate, to feel. Be at the top of your potential. And be the bestest version of yourself when dealing with your pain. The more inner issues you solve, the more kinder, better and clearer you become. Don’t let your pain force you in any way to give anyone else pain in any way. Be strongest! Be kindest!! Be bestest! Be okay if you aren’t and still keep going the same path. 💯 One life! Make it count. Coz the world goes on, life doesn’t 🙏🏻 Greetings and positivity to everyone! ❤️
Rest in Peace Ajji. My coolest one! ❤️ You have always been so alive, I still somewhere feel you are. 🙏🏻✨ See you whenever my time comes.
Happy Dussehra! ❤️✨
I know you’re watching me. I know you understand me. I know you’re proud. 🙏🏻❤️
Denying , avoiding pain, discomfort and problems is denying half of life. Accepting and walking with it, saying its fairly normal to face it, is accepting whole of life. 💯
Even in the most minute moments of life , those are our own expectations that make us feel we were wronged. But in fact, we are just experiencing life in its natural form.😇 Happy morning. ❤️
3 years of Radhakrishn . Love and blessings to those responsible for helping me reach here. A big thanks to those who’ve loved and supported me and my work. ❤️ The cast, the team, the audience- i bow down! 🙏🏻❤️ #fanvm
Haathi ghoda paalki. Jay kanhayyia laal ki. ❤️ @realswastik @starbharat @sktorigins @arpitranka @mallika_singh_official_ @nitin.m.gupta
Kids are cutest. So are we. So are the elders. And what makes us stop from seeing it is the society we live in. • Kids are provided support, guidance, love, morals to keep them happy and on right way, and i somehow have an unrealistic wish whenever i see any kid out there, ‘wish they never grow up.’ But every kid will, and the pretty life they live before the life actually starts, fades away one day. Then they will face - judgements, demoralising people,bullying , failures, sometimes lacking the feeling of being understood, responsibility, lack of support, pressure to grow in every aspect, pressure to be right on the grounds of society, etc. It varies differently with every individual. Although kids, being so naive, so pure, So new to this world do get, and must get all the right treatment, all positive. • Coz once you age up, regardless of your internal growth, your task simply, is to take hold of everything negative or tough that you face, and *turn it all* into positivity. So you can still smile and cherish life like a kid. And if none of the negativity existed, we would maybe find ourselves as kids and kids only. But that’s unrealistic, and so happiness in an adult becomes so valuable. Life doesn’t worsen up as we grow, our expectations present it that way. ❤️✨
Mere bhai. Bas badhte reh! ❤️✨ Proud brother here! 💯
And the me said to myself, ‘’You are not supposed to complain about life, You aren’t supposed to be finding any peace, happiness, fulfilment and are not supposed to have any fear of losing people, money, fame, etc. You are just supposed to be okay with everything life has to offer, okay with everything life doesn’t have as an offering without an expectation . You are supposed to find your purity and you must stick by it. You aren’t supposed to BE ANYTHING GREAT ANYTHING WONDERFUL; you are just supposed to ‘BE’. ‘’
Ek khubsurat asmaan, aur ek khaamosh main. ✨
Try these handmade products by the women of south gujarat and i am sure you wont regret it. More power to the rural women of Raj Uphaar and Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care! For more details & to order online: @rajuphaar ❤️
Simply, a calm, intelligent, sweet as a doll, happy as a kid - is the mallika you deserve to be @mallika_singh_official_ ! Go ahead achieve it.❤️ Ill be watching over you from whichever distance possible for me. ✨ Happy Birthday. ❤️
Life evolves drastically. You don’t understand yourself on the basis of what others have to say about you. Not in today’s generation nooo.. 💁🏻‍♂️ You look out for yourself, your flaws, your qualities and struggles, and then it feels so much lighter. Embrace the good even if nobody sees it, gulp the pain - do not wait for someone to save you, correct the flaws and do it just for yourself. In the world where you see pain and stress expressed everywhere, don’t follow the crowd here. Be different, be the one radiating positivity. ❤️✨
Happy birthday brothers! ❤️ Blessings and love to you. May your growth just keeps growing ✨ @thesiddharthnigam @theabhisheknigam
Have a great day! ❤️ . . Styled by @pankysoni
How often do we all unknowingly create lies for ourselves to live in comfort. How long will this escape routine help you? I wonder. ⭐️
Mere kanhayyia. Mere mohan. Tujhsa na koi, na kabhi hoga. ❤️ Tumhara yogdaan shabdo main bayaan na ho paaye, Tumhara saath toote na kabhi toot paaye. Jabse aaye ho zindagi main, zindagi ye, zindagi ban gayi hai. Aaj itna mil gaya yahi bohot hai, main teri raah pe chala, apna karm kiya. Aaj naseeb kuch aisa khubsurat hua, ki ye tyohaar hamara hai jo ye janmdin tera hai, aur kuch log mujhe badhaayiaan de rahe hai. Kya kahu tujhse main.🙏🏻 Mere mitra . Mere guru. Mere rakshak. Janmdin ki hardik shubhkaamnaayein. Janmashtami ki hardik shubhkamnaayein. ❤️❤️
Proud of you to be taking up such challenging role after you recent performances. I know its difficult. And i know you will excel this! ❤️ Sending buckets of wishes and love to you mere bhai! 🤗✨ @ihimanshusoni @zeetv
Waah! This guy be killing it with all his charm which itself is a crime, and comes up as a host exposing crimes, an irony worth watching. 😄❤️ Jokes apart. Interesting and new! All the very best my brother! Lots of love to you! ❤️❤️ @kinshukvaidya54
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️ @realswastik @starbharat @sktorigins @rahultewary @abd.ur.rahman2122 @kaulritesh @arpitranka
Bachpan leela kahi bhul nahi jana re. ❤️ So so happy to share this promo. Kiddo is super amazing. So are the vibes! Haathi ghoda paalki, Jay kanhayiia Laal ki! 🙏🏻❤️ @starbharat @realswastik @sktorigins @rahultewary @arpitranka @kaulritesh @abd.ur.rahman2122
Nobody has a perfect life, its about being satisfied with life, and still striving to get better. ❤️
The only thing you can regret after having pure good intentions, is that you tried explaining it to those never really wanted to understand. ✨ What the almighty knows is enough. 🙏🏻😇
@urbanmonkeyindia ❤️
Agar khud ko dhundna chahte ho, To pata dusro se kabhi na puchna. ✨
But when my dog came and kissed me unexpectedly, i realised just how beautiful not having expectation was. ❤️
Special mention for the outfit - @pankysoni ❤️ Looking forward for more such collaborations in future.
I feel 🆒
And.. we did it! Sometimes you have to make yourself believe its all for real. ❤️✨ You guys know it, its all your efforts. Thankful and grateful. . . Also Thank you @internationaliconicaward @mohammed_nagaman @iadityakhurana for being the lovely hosts. ✨ . Outfit by - @pankysoni Styled by - @sonam.kadam.7186 @goyal_srishti10 . . #internationaliconicawards2021 #internationaliconicaward #internationaliconicawards
Thoughts and emotions might never be understood and supported by others always, but in the end, if it makes sense to you, stand by it and let others stand for themselves too. People doubt the god, who should you be. ❤️ Protect your inner-self first. Success comes later.
How’s this one?
Thank you for the beautiful hoodie and the stylish cap @urbanmonkeyindia ❤️ My pet and i loved it! ✨
Jab tak main gira nahi, tab tak chalna kahan seekh paya . Ab jab se girne se darna bhul raha hoon, Tab se koi aur kaha gira paya. ❤️
Smile, gratitude, calmness, fulfilment are shown, when they should be felt. Envy, flaws, anger are hidden, where they should be eliminated from within. And the sweet bright internet peer pressure kicks in and we focus on being accepted and liked, followed and appreciated. But in the end, The only like your soul needs is yours. The only follow that you need is soul’s. ❤️ 📸 @amitcoolamie
Kaise se the, kaise se hain, pata nahi kaise se rahenge 💁🏻‍♂️❤️✨
Can’t tag all my friends, Can’t recognise all my friends, Don’t know how it starts or how it ends. I just know my heart stands effortlessly for these friends, No matter how much towards confusion this mind bends. There for me when i am low, There to boost me head to toe, For whom my heart warms covered in snow. There out my real friends who read this and connected to what i say, I refer to that friendship i cherish from far far away! To all my friends who are and aren’t with me, but are with me. I love you all! Happy Friendship Day my lovelies. My life is incomplete without ya’ll! ❤️
Yuhi nahi tujhse itna pyaar karta main, Yuhi nahi har pal tujhse seekhne ki koshish karta main. Har kisi ki zindagi utaar chadaav se mukammal hai. Par mere Narayan, har jazbaat se upar uthkar muskurana, Har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi. ❤️
Once you start recognising your internal demons and learn facing them, The external demons that pull you down, appear as fools.
Cannot not work hard! ✨
Such a beautiful track by @shreyaghoshal mam! ❤️ Excited for this show? I’m sure we are! #ZindagiMereGharAana #ZMGA @StarPlus
Every single one of us at a certain time feels lost, crooked, dumb, numb and dissatisfied with ourselves and the world around us.’ That’s exactly when we recreate ourselves from scratch and come back with a better version of ourselves. Fun fact is, life never tells you why you had to suffer, Unless you recreate yourself. ❤️
We’re a little dumb, crazy, secretly immatured, we are full of flaws. Yet you all have loved us both to the greatest extent we could ever imagine. We are lucky to play the divine lovers Radhakrishn on screen. We are lucky to get the love from ya’ll. I knew you guys are celebrating this day as sumellikan’s day. You’d trend this way i never knew. We aren’t great and supercool. But you’ve cherished us. Thanks for all the love and blessings #sumellikans ! ❤️ Our bond has had a fare share of friendship, fights and togetherness just like any other bond in this world. But this bond has a got some support and love that’s unique in its own way! We love you way way so much! ❤️ #happysumellikansday *Lastly, a msg i’d like to give publicly (coz maybe on face I cannot say it) to my sweetest and the most special friend, the naive girl, the hardworking woman, and the cooperative co-actor. It never appears on my face or in my behaviour maybe, coz maybe that’s how i am, but i mean it when i say, ‘’ i am glad to have you as my co-actor of the first show i acted as the main lead. You are one of a kind human being, i see the day 1, i see you now. You’ve grown tremendously! And i am sure you are gonna go a long long way. Will be happy someday to see you getting an award and lots of appreciation! And i know it will happen! Wherever you go, wherever you be, whatever ever you do, remember- I am proud and happy to have the best and sweetest memories you have given me. Will always cherish them. You’re the god’s child! Everyone loves you. Don’t become khadoos like me. 😒 Stay blessed! ‘ ❤️
In the moments of isolation.. Sometimes i wish i met my past self and gave him a tight hug. Sometimes i just look up, smile to him, to the one who understands every pain and struggle, every flaw, the immaturity i still carry, my ways.. And I just hope someday he comes forward, says he knows the inner me, the battles i fight, he sees my efforts, and says he is proud of me. Sometimes i look down the memory lane, and wonder how time flies, Oh how we’ve grown. ✨ May he bless us. ❤️