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Padmashri awardee, four times national award winner, highest grosser female lead films ever in Indian film Industry and a hot blooded Kshatriya .
There is only one Rahu Ketu temple in the world…. It’s very close to Tirupati Balaji….performed some rituals there …. Out of five elemental Lingas, Vayo ( air element) Linda is also situated here …. Quite a remarkable place …. I went there to have the mercy of my beloved enemies, in this year I want less Police complains / FIR’s and more love letters…. Jai Rahu Ketu ji ki 🙏
Happy New year to everyone… Starting this year with blessings from Tirupati Balaji… Hope this one is a memorable one ❤️
Stuff that dreams are made of … Tiku weds Sheru.. @nawazuddin._siddiqui @avneetkaur_13 @saikabir9999 @aksht_ranaut @donfernandodp @amazonprimevideo
This is no ordinary day, today one the sets of Tiku weds Sheru I found a rare gem, Newall camera right from the golden age of Indian Cinema 1950’s and this belonged to one of the greatest directors of all time Shri Bimal Roy ji … As I am all set to direct my second feature film Emergency this is nothing short of a blessing… What a lovely day … Thanks to the family of Bimal Roy ji to give us this precious gem for filming… thanks @donfernandodp for arranging this …
Ladi satta ki ladaai aur kiya apne shapath ko pura! Watch the World Television Premiere of Thalaivii on Saturday, 25th December at 8 pm, on @zeecinema #Thalaivii #ThalaiviiOnZeeCinema #ThalaiviiOn25thDecember #SeeneMeinCinema #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @rajarjunofficial @madhoo_rockstar @bhagyashree.online @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @zeestudiosofficial
Ek masiha joh bani laakhon logon ki 'Amma' Watch the World Television Premiere of Thalaivii on Saturday, 25th December at 8 pm, on @zeecinema #Thalaivii #ThalaiviiOnZeeCinema #ThalaiviiOn25thDecember #SeeneMeinCinema #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @rajarjunofficial @madhoo_rockstar @bhagyashree.online @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @zeestudiosofficial
Make love not war … ❤️ Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai.. @lokhandeankita … ❤️🍾
Warrior Queen .. Outfit - @jjvalaya Styling - @hoorvi.j.valaya Jewellery - @bespokevintagejewelry Bun accessory - @romanarsinghaniofficial Make up : @loveleen_makeupandhair Hair : @hairbyhaseena Photography: @ravindupatilphotography
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Bringing to you the inspiring story of a woman who chose to rule the skies. An ode to the Indian Air Force, #Tejas releasing in a cinema near you on Dussehra, 5th October 2022 ✈️ #ArmedForcesFlagDay 🇮🇳 @sarveshmewara @ronnie.screwvala @nonabains @rsvpmovies
Sadhguru ji explains that Living Soil is our very body, is moving towards extinction. Addressing this with utmost urgency is the most important Responsibility that all nations have to fulfill. We wish them the best with this new movement #ConsciousPlanet. #WorldSoilDay… @sadhguru @consciousplanet #SaveSoil 🙏
Went to Radha Janmbhumi in Barsana …. Priest gave me a perfume and a pan and said Shri Radhe smelt heavenly all the time … which Shri Nath loved but he wasn’t allowed to meet her so he dressed as a women to come to see her in this temple of Shri Radhe where her baby form is worshipped Shri Krishna is worshipped as a Gopi as in dressed in female clothes … After Shri Krishna left Gokul there is not much information about Radhe … many say Radha was pink like rose, beautiful like a spell and older to Krishna and also they were related in some way… also in those days as soon as a girl child was born her husband was decided so some say technically she was married as well … but when Krishna left Gokul he gave his flute to Shri Radhe and told her he will never play flute again … and he never did.. after that Radha had a family and children as well … But not many know when Gokul was gloomy, depressed and hopeless after Krishna left, Shri Radhe played his flute and did Raasleela just how Krishna used to on the shore of Yamuna … Like I say history conveniently cut out our women and their contribution to man kind may be Krishna knew this so he told Shri Radhe … My name will never be uttered without you and Krishan will always come after Radha … Radhe Krishan 🙏 It was a beautiful day ❤️
GokulDham …. This is where Vasudev handed over baby Krishna to Nand baba… it was literally the sweetest experience… The priest said it’s not your Lord Krishna here … here he is Yashoda’s NandLal… her baby .. don’t make noise don’t stand sit down … look at him how you look at a baby and laugh or smile or else he will cry.. So he gave me white butter and mishri… and I softly rocked the baby jhula and laughed… That’s the ritual… how delightful ❤️ Jai Shri Krishna 🥰🙏
Visited divine Krishna Janm Bhumi in Mathura…. It’s a very sensitive place with heavy security and no pictures allowed… because of the encroachment of the holy place much like Ram JanmBhumi .. But that jail where Mata Devaki and Shri Vasudev ji were kept is partially available to visitors… I am told there are six more underground jail rooms which are mentioned in our scriptures but they are not available to us … hopefully soon @myogi_adityanath will make it possible for devotees to visit the entire premises… It pains to see the huge armed forces and strict laws much like border forces … it’s not some India border it’s Krishna Janm Bhumi … Jai Shri Krishna… On my way to GokulDham… Crossing Yamuna river and imagining how Vasudev carried baby Krishna on his head and crossed violent Yamuna in rains … This place is beyond beautiful ❤️
बाँके बिहारी जी दर्शन… On my way to Krishan Janm Bhumi… I don’t know what good karma I did to have your love and kindness Krishna ❤️ Radhe Radhe ❤️
राधे राधे ❤️
Beautiful day driving from Delhi to Mathura …. For Krishna janmbhumi darshan… what a fortunate day ❤️
मुंबई में हुए आतंकी हमले के शहीदों को याद करते हुए मैने लिखा था कि गद्दारों को कभी माफ नहीं करना, ना ही भूलना। इस तरह की घटना में देश के अंदरूनी देशद्रोही ग़द्दारों का हाथ होता है । देशद्रोही गद्दारों ने कभी पैसे के लालच में तो कभी पद व सत्ता के लालच में भारत मां को कलंकित करने के लिए एक भी मौका नहीं छोड़ा, देश के अंदरूनी जयचंद और गद्दार षड्यंत्र रच देश विरोधी ताकतों को मदद करते रहे, तभी इस तरह की घटनाएं होती हैं। मेरे इसी पोस्ट पर मुझे विघटनकारी ताकतों की तरफ से निरंतर धमकियां मिल रही हैं। बठिंडा के एक भाई साहब ने तो मुझे खुलेआम जान से मारने की धमकी दी है। मैं इस तरह की गीदड़ भभकी या धमकियों से नहीं डरती। देश के खिलाफ षड्यंत्र करने वालो और आतंकी ताकतों के खिलाफ बोलती हूं और हमेशा बोलती रहूंगी। वह चाहे बेगुनाह जवानों के हत्यारे नक्सलवादी हो, टुकड़े टुकड़े गैंग हो या आठवें दशक में पंजाब में गुरूओं की पावन भूमि को देश से काटकर खालिस्तान बनाने का सपना देखने वाले विदेशों में बैठे हुए आतंकवादी हो। लोकतंत्र हमारे देश की सबसे बड़ी ताकत है, सरकार किसी भी पार्टी की हो, लेकिन देश की अखंडता, एकता और नागरिकों के मौलिक अधिकारों की रक्षा और विचारों की अभिव्यक्ति का मौलिक अधिकार हमें बाबासाहेब अम्बेडकर के सविंधान ने दिया है। मैंने किसी भी जाति, मजहब, या समूह के बारे में कभी कोई अपमानजनक या नफरत फैलाने वाली बात नहीं की है। मैं कांग्रेस की अध्यक्षा श्रीमती सोनिया जी को भी याद दिलाना चाहूंगी कि आप भी एक महिला है, आपकी सास इंदिरा गांधी जी इसी आतंकवाद के खिलाफ अंतिम समय तक मजबूती से लड़ीं। कृपया पंजाब के अपने मुख्यमंत्री को निर्देश दें कि वह इस तरह के आतंकवादी, विघटनकारी और देशविरोधी ताकतों की धमकी पर तुरंत कार्रवाई करें। मैंने धमकी देने वालो के खिलाफ पुलिस में एफआईआर दर्ज की है। मुझे उम्मीद है कि पंजाब सरकार भी जल्द कार्रवाई करेगी। देश मेरे लिए सर्वोपरि है, इसके लिए मुझे बलिदान भी देना पडे़ तो मुझे स्वीकार्य है, पर मै ना डरी हूँ ना कभी डरूगी, देश के हित में, गद्दारों के खिलाफ खुलकर बोलती रहूंगी। पंजाब में चुनाव होने वाले है, इसके लिए कुछ लोग मेरी बात को संदर्भ के बिना प्रयोग कर रहे हैं , अगर मुझे भविष्य में कुछ भी होता है तो उसके लिए नफरत की राजनीति व बयानबाज़ी करने वाले ही पूरी तरह उत्तरदायी होगें। इनसे करबद्ध निवेदन है कि चुनाव जीतने की राजनीतिक महत्वाकांक्षाओं के लिए किसी के प्रति नफरत ना फैलाए। जय हिंद, जय भारत 🙏
Excerpts from a reception in London on the occasion of the #TransferofPower in India. Note the phrases used by A.V. Alexander, Defence Minister. Independent, free dominion "within" British Commonwealth. #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav Full @BritishPathe video: youtube.com/watch?v=ofb1eB Source: @anujdhar via Twitter
This is an article published by the BBC in 2015 that argues that Britain owes no reparation to India. Why and how can white colonists or their sympathisers get away with such nonsense in this day and age? If you try to figure it out, the answer is in my Times Now summit statement. It is because our nation builders did not hold the British accountable for the countless crimes they committed in India, from plundering our country's wealth to ruthlessly killing our freedom fighters to dividing our country into two parts, at the time of independence. After World War II, the British left India at their leisure, with Winston Churchill being hailed as a war hero. He was the same person who was responsible for the Bengal famine; was he ever tried in Independent India's courts for his crimes? No. Cyril Radcliffe, an English white man who had never been to India before, was brought to India by the British to draw the line of partition in just 5 weeks. Both the INC and the Muslim League were members of the committee that decided the terms of the partition line drawn by the British, which resulted in the deaths of nearly a million people. Did those who died tragically gain independence? Was the British or the INC, who agreed to the partition line, held responsible for the massacre that occurred after the partition? No. There is a letter from our first Prime Minister, Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru, dated 28th April 1948, to the British Monarch, requesting British approval for the appointment of the then-Governor of West Bengal as the Governor General of India. The letter can be found in the second image of my post. If such a letter exists, do you believe the INC attempted to hold the British accountable for their crimes? If so, please explain how my statement is incorrect! Did the freedom fighters who gave their lives for an independent India know that the British and our nation builders would divide undivided India into two parts, resulting in the massacre of one million people? I'd like to conclude by saying that if we don't hold the British accountable for the numerous crimes committed in India, we are still disrespecting our freedom fighters. Jai Hind 🇮🇳
There is a song ringing in my head … Mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam ….
I always run out of words while forming these captions… Suggestions please…
Tejas wrap party .. By our lovely producers @rsvpmovies ..
All set for @timesnow summit… do watch 👍
Long ago when I started my career …. A question bothered me … I asked myself some want money, some want fans …. some seek fame and some just want attention …. What do I want ? Deep down I always knew as a girl child I wanted to earn respect and that is my treasure ❤️ Thank you India for this gift 🇮🇳
Humbled for this great honour… Padmashri 🇮🇳 Heartfelt gratitude for my Guru and Parents 🙏
Receiving Padma Shri honour same day as beginning my journey as a producer is extremely special to me … Sharing with you all the first look of my first production venture under Manikarnika Films Pvt. Ltd …Tiku Weds Sheru…❤️ Here’s a piece of my heart ❤️ Hope you all like ❤️ Filming begins … See you soon in theatres first ❤️ @primevideoin @manikarnikafilms @avneetkaur_13 @nawazuddin._siddiqui @saikabir9999 @donfernandodp @mrsheetalsharma @loveleen_makeupandhair #TikuWedsSheru
चलो तो चाँद तक , नहीं तो शाम तक ❤️ Meet Tasleem Khan urf tiku @primevideoin @manikarnikafilms @avneetkaur_13 @nawazuddin._siddiqui @saikabir9999 #TikuWedsSheru
हम जब मिलते हैं, तो दिल से मिलते हैं , वरना ख़्वाबों में भी मुश्किल से मिलते हैं Meet Shiraz Khan Afghani urf Sheru @primevideoin @manikarnikafilms @avneetkaur_13 @nawazuddin._siddiqui @saikabir9999 #TikuWedsSheru
No excitement like Diwali excitement…. Morning Pooja at the office… Next week our first production Tiku weds Sheru is going on the floor… I came to the city with nothing… Gratitude for all the divine blessings I had along the way … Looking back this journey seems surreal… Happy Diwali to all 🪔 @manikarnikafilms
Another beautiful journey comes to an end … It’s a wrap for Tejas 🇮🇳 What a ride Above all what an opportunity ❤️ This will make the entire Nation proud …🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Thank you @sarveshmewara for choosing me Thank you @rsvpmovies Ronnie sir for believing in me …. Thanks to everyone who worked on this project … eternally greatful for getting to play a soldier a war hero in this lifetime 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Jai Hind …. See you in the cinemas in 2022 🥰 @nonabains @rohitrchaturvedi @anshul14chauhan 🥰🙏
Today on arriving in Andaman island I visited Veer Savarkar's Cell at Kala Pani, Cellular Jail, Port Blair… I was shaken to the core … when inhumanity was at its peak even humanity rose to its peak in the form of Savarkar ji and looked it in the eye, faced every cruelty with resistance and determination… How scared they must have been of him not only they kept him in Kala Paani in those days it must be impossible to escape from this tiny island in the middle of sea yet they put chains on him built a thick walled jail and locked him up in a tiny hole, imagine the fear as if he can fly on thin air across the never ending sea, what cowards… !! This cell is the truth of Aazadi not what they teach us in our text books …. I meditated in the cell paid my gratitude and deepest respect to Veer Savarkar ji… स्वतंत्रता संग्राम के इस सच्चे नायक को मेरा कोटि कोटि नमन 🇮🇳 जय हिंद 🇮🇳
We all grow up with a deep desire to be worthy of our parents love, care and sacrifices… After all the troubles I give my mummy papa such days seem to make up for all those mischiefs .. Thank you for being my mummy papa I wouldn’t want it any other way … ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🤩
Today I am receiving joint National Award for two of my performances.. Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi (2019) Panga(2020) I also co directed Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi Immense gratitude for the teams of these films … 🥇🥇
This is my fourth National Award 🥇🥇🥇🥇
All set to receive the highest honour for an artist in the country today …. National Award 🥇
She is fierce, feisty and fearless. #AgentAgni is all geared up to set the big screen on fire 🔥. Bringing to you the action spy thriller #Dhaakad that will hit theatres on 8 April 2022! @deepakmukut @sohamrockstrent @rampal72 @divyadutta25 @razylivingtheblues @smaklai @sohelmaklaiproductions @asylumfilmsofficial @writish1 @chintan.gandhi.376 @krulz59 @dhaakadmovie
Date night #Dhaakad
Are you ready for the date ? #Dhaakad
Happy Dussehra ⛳️ From the team of #TheincarnationSita
Maha navmi ki Hardik Shubhkamnaen ⛳️
Guess who is in the house … My most favourite @nawazuddin._siddiqui P.S always forget to click picture with him thank you @silk.sp for this surprise picture… 🤗
Dear Aksht ….. From being a baby brother to my biggest strength you have come a long way I am fortunate to have you….. the way you handle things in my life from all my legal battles to now Production house projects …. I can say my little brother is my hero 🥰…. Your quiet ambition and gentle demeanour is remarkable…. Never loose your passion, precision and sense of immense responsibility that you display towards work. Sky is the limit …. Go for it …. Happy birthday to you …. I love you very much 💐 P.S this picture is from Aksht’s birthday when we were small, mother did navgreh Pooja for us …. She still does even without us …
My herogiri turned in to total fangiri when asli Air Force officers/ soldiers landed in the same hangar as we are shooting our movie Tejas …. They already knew about this upcoming movie and showed eagerness to watch it … this brief meeting was absolutely pleasant and encouraging…. Jai Hind 🇮🇳
Honourable Chief Minister ji gifting me the coin which was used at Ramjanm Bhumi Pujan.. I am making a film called Ayodhya on Ram temple … This is a good omen aur how we call in Hindi Aashirwad… Jai Shri Ram 🙏
I thanked Uttar Pradesh government for their cooperation in our film ( Tejas) shooting and wished Honourable Chief Minister best of luck in his upcoming elections…. I emphasised that we had a tapasavi Raja from Uttar Pradesh Shri Ram Chandra and now we have Yogi AdityaNath … May your reign continues Maharaj ji 🙏 He gifted me a coin which was used at Ram Janm Bhumi Pujan …. What a memorable evening thank you Maharaj ji 🙏💐
It was wonderful to meet Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Yogi Aditya Nath ji… He is exceptionally vibrant, genuine and motivating in person…. What a pleasure and privilege to have an audience with this young, fiery and one of the most loved and popular leaders of this nation… 🇮🇳
This morning wrapped Moradabad schedule of #Tejas and landed in Lucknow… All set to meet Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh… Shri Yogi Adityanath ji… Thank you @chettiaralbert @hairbyhaseena for helping me get ready… @rizwan.syed04 for assistance And special thanks to my Manipuri designer friend @robertnaoremstudio for this gorgeous weave 💖💗💐💞💓
Such a beautiful gift ❤️ A fan made picture ❤️ Thank you @the_kr_lens Means a lot 🥰🙏❤️
Gaining 20 kgs in 6 months and loosing it all within 6 months that too in my thirties messed up many things in my body …. I also have permanent stretch marks as well but art comes to life with a price and more often than not price is the artist him/herself ❤️#thalaivii
Found another gem ha ha … From school picnic to a temple premises…. Jai Mata di 🙏
Small school in the valley called Hill View … year 1998 Himachal Pradesh… ❤️
Enchanted…. Thank you @sadhguru ji 🙏 Go grab your copy of #eternalechoes and be blissed out …. @penguinbooks Thank you for Eternal Echoes ❤️
Feels amazing to be in the aashram @isha.foundation … Bhairavi darshan and meditation at the temples dazzled me 🥰🙏
Don’t become a pest who loves to abuse and condemn Hinduism just because it is the most tolerant religion @moheyfashion
Humble request to all brands ….. don’t use religion, minority, majority politics to sell things …. Stop manipulating naive consumer with shrewd divisive concepts and advertising… #mohey @aliaabhatt @moheyfashion @stylebyami
Remember those who can’t make you, they can’t break you either…. Also when in these eye of the storm ….. look it in the eye and …. POSE …. 🔥 Today was the hearing of Javed Akhtar case which he filed under Shiv Sena pressure…. Lone warrior facing hyenas that too in style…. 🔥
Mood when you haven’t had a break in ages and have to work through weekends also ….. But the show must go on… Current mission #Tejas
Special letter from Ex Cm of Himachal Pradesh… Shri Shanta Kumar ji.. This kind of love and appreciation coming from one of the greatest politicians ever on a film based on a politician’s life is my biggest award and reward 🇮🇳🙏 Thank you sir 🙏
Birthday greetings to Honourable Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi Ji, your relentless pursuit to serve our country every day is an inspiration to us all. You remain world’s most popular leader and a role model for every single one of us who dares to dream big. Very often when we see a successful person, we only see the public glories, never the personal sacrifices or setbacks, you have overcome many such obstacles and at times, won over even your harshest critics. I have always believed that a citizen has a right to question or criticise their leader, not only you have always listened to the common man but you have also mastered the art of remaining calm and in control when the critique comes from an irrational place, I hope to master that art someday too, haha. As our country reaches new milestones every day in regards to covid vaccinations, I want to congratulate you for handling this pandemic with utmost sensitivity and precision. May you live a long and healthy life, and keep on serving this great nation. Once again, a very happy birthday Mr Prime Minister 🙏 @narendramodi
Here’s the updated poster🥰#theincarnationsita #kanganaranaut #alaukikdesai #kvvijayendraprasad #manojmuntashir #salonisharma #anshitadesai #ssstudio #alaukikfilms
Movie of the year …. #Thalaivii ✌🏻
Most loved film of the year …. Do watch #Thalaivii ❤️
This is my reward ❤️ #THALAIVII
Thalaivii in Cinemas today 💛
Ganesh Chaturthi ki Hardik Shubhkamnaen 🙏
Most loved film highly acclaimed and getting massive seeti, taalis as well in the theatres….. what you waiting for 🥰👏👏👏👏👏👏go watch Thalaivii today ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for showering overwhelming love, admiration and support for #Thalaivii Means a lot to us…. ❤️🙏
All ready for Parliamentarians and Ministers screening in Delhi ….. Rarely we celebrate our politicians and very few films on politics and politicians are made, one such rare film is Thalaivii based on former chief minister of Tamilnadu Dr.J.Jayalalithaa…. Honoured to be hosting a screening for prominent politicians today 🇮🇳
Two years ago, I embarked on a journey to play one of India's most iconic women onscreen. There were many obstacles and challenges in our way, but what kept me and my team going was the passion for Jaya Amma and Cinema. This Friday, our film will finally reach its audience, do give it a chance in a theatre near you. I am already overwhelmed by the glorious reviews for the film and simply can't wait for the public to see the film. Advance bookings are now open, book your tickets and enjoy the legendary Story of Amma Jayalalithaa on the big screen❤️ Please book tickets from the link below: https://in.bookmyshow.com/movies/thalaivii/ET00097273
#Thalaivii In the memory of the revolutionary leader Purchai Thalaivii Dr. J. Jayalalitha 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
This weave is very special, I got two of these to twin with my sister @rangoli_r_chandel but she wore her’s before me … and I am wearing today 💛
All set to promote #Thalaivii at #thekapilsharmashow 💛
Take a sneak-peek into the magical world of #NainBandheNainoSe ✨ Watch the process of recreating a legendary icon's performance from the beautiful sets of #KannumKannumPesaPesa #Nandhalala #ThalaiviiOnTheBigScreen #ThalaiviiInTheatres #Thalaivii #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @gvprakash @saindhavi_prakash @kamil_irshad_official @madhankarky @ramjowrites @gayathriraguramm @rajarjunofficial @madhoo_rockstar @bhagyashree.online @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @deepaksimhal #BhushanKumar @karmamediaent @tseries.official @vibrimedia @zeestudiosofficial #SprintFilms #GothicEntertainment @thalaiviithefilm
5 days to go for #Thalaivii 💚
#Thalaivii in Hyderabad today …. Media interactions here and watching the Hindi version of the film today in the evening for the very first time …. 💚
PVR’s decision to screen the Tamil and Telugu versions of the film is a ray of hope for Team Thalaivii as well as all those cinegoers who are waiting to rush back to their favourite multiplex chain for a cinematic experience. I am personally moved by the kind words used for me and Team Thalaivii, and I hope with talks, and a passion for the theatrical experience, we can come together to find a solution so that the Hindi version can also find love and appreciation on the big screen @pvrcinemas_official - Lots of Love, Kangana ❤️
This weave and emerald jewellery I got specially customised for my fourth national award ceremony but that got delayed because of covid …. I couldn’t wait any longer to wear these beauties how do I look ? #thalaivii
All set for Thalaivii song Nain bandhe launch in Chennai ❤️
Always in the eye of the storm ….. looking at you storm ✌🏽 #Thalaivii
All set to visit Puratchi Thalaivii Amma Dr J. Jayalalitha Memorial #Thalaivii
Seven days to go … Multilingual…. Biggest film of 2021 #Thalaivii - The revolutionary leader 🙏
A song that will remain a testament to Jayalalithaa's beauty and grace ✨ Revisit her alluring aura in #NainBandheNainoSe #KannumKannumPesaPesa #Nandhalala, song out tomorrow! #ThalaiviiOnTheBigScreen #ThalaiviiInTheatres #Thalaivii #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @gvprakash @saindhavi_prakash @kamil_irshad_official @madhankarky @ramjowrites @gayathriraguramm @rajarjunofficial @madhoo_rockstar @bhagyashree.online @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @deepaksimhal #BhushanKumar @karmamediaent @tseries.official @vibrimedia @zeestudiosofficial #SprintF
Thanks to my director Vijay’s perfection…. And magic of @neeta_lulla ❤️ These recreations live up to huge expectations ❤️
Thalaivii- The revolutionary leader Releasing on 10th September in theatres near you … 🇮🇳
It is officially the season of love now.. Fall in love vintage style with #Thalaivii Jayalalitha and MGR ❤️❤️ P.S Lovely fan edit, my fans are the best … thank you 🤩
TRACK OUT NOW YouTube Links :- #TeriAankhonMein (Hindi) :- youtu.be/xECDXsyXzHM #UnthanKangalilEnnadiyo (Tamil) :- youtu.be/Ws9Do_uym9I #NeeKannulloEmunnado (Telugu) :- youtu.be/t_FJmkuqAUk #Thalaivii On 10th Sep Bringing back Jayalalithaa-MGR's magical era with the tunes of #TeriAankhonMein. A song that will promise to make you feel their romance ❤️ #UnthanKangalilEnnadiyo #NeeKannulloEmunnado #ThalaiviiOnTheBigScreen #ThalaiviiInTheatres #Thalaivii #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @gvprakash @prajaktashukre @armaanmalik @niranjana_ramanan @nakulabhyankar @kamil_irshad_official @madhankarky @poetbb #ChinniPrakash #RekhaPrakash @rajarjunofficial @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @deepaksimhal #BhushanKumar @karmamediaent @tseries.official @vibrimedia @zeestudiosofficial #SprintFilms #GothicEntertainment @laharimusic @thalaiviithefilm
#TeriAankhonMein beautifully captures the essence of falling in love Relive the magical era of Jayalalithaa-MGR with the romantic tunes of #TeriAankhonMein #UnthanKangalilEnnadiyo #NeeKannulloEmunnado. Full song out on Monday! #ThalaiviiOnTheBigScreen #ThalaiviiInTheatres #Thalaivii #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @gvprakash @prajaktashukre @armaanmalik @niranjana_ramanan @nakulabhyankar @kamil_irshad_official @madhankarky @poetbb #ChinniPrakash #RekhaPrakash @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @deepaksimhal #BhushanKumar @karmamediaent @tseries.official @vibrimedia @zeestudiosofficial #SprintFilms #GothicEntertainment @thalaiviithefilm @laharimusic
The story of this iconic personality deserves to be witnessed only on the BIG SCREEN! Pave way, for #Thalaivii as she is all set to make a superstar entry into the world of cinema, yet again, a place where she has always belonged! Thalaivii IN CINEMAS near you on 10th September! #ThalaiviiOnTheBigScreen #ThalaiviiInTheatres #ArvindSwami #Vijay @vishnuinduri @shaaileshrsingh @brindaprasad @neeta_lulla @hiteshthakkar05 @thirumalreddyamireddy @rajat__aroraa @deepaksimhal #BhushanKumar @karmamediaent @tseries.official @vibrimedia @zeestudiosofficial #SprintFilms #GothicEntertainment @thalaiviithefilm
Rakshabandhan celebrations at Tejas shoot…. You can be the most powerful woman yet love your brother for being protective, sincere and supportive. You might have everything and yet look forward to open Rakhi presents your Bhaiya and Bhabhi bought you from their hard earned money…. It’s does not make you any less a feminist…. 🥰🥰🥰 Rakshabandhan ki shubhkamnaen 🥰🙏🙏
On to my next mission #Tejas Starting today … Josh is soaring high thanks to my fabulous team 🇮🇳 @sarveshmewara @rsvpmovies
Please watch a Talibani explaining Sharia law to an American journalist, this is what some Muslim groups are demanding in India as well, please listen and know that this law considers education for women, not wearing burkha, premarital sex, homosexuality, drinking alcohol, smoking, art, music, dancing and following any other religion and all other cultures also as serious criminal offences …
Preproduction of Tiku weds Sheru at @manikarnikafilms office, filming begins first week of November … ❤️ @nawazuddin._siddiqui
A day with my kiddie….. in a water park ha ha I am not a water person at all and he loves water but I enjoyed it may be because he was so thrilled to be there …… I guess that’s what love is about ❤️❤️
Mohabbat mein nahi hai farak jeene aur marne ka, usi ko dekh kar jeete hain jis kafir pe dum nikle -Ghalib