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Spotlighting athlete* and 👟 stories #BlackLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate
Never done moving. "These days I’m trying to be more patient and kind with myself. I’m learning that having joy in my life is allowed. Choosing to care for myself is allowed. I get to take up space.” @taraanicolas As a dancer, singer, actress, and Nike Trainer, Tara Nicolas knows life can be chaotic. But instead of pushing to keep up, she’s learning progress can also mean slowing down, listening to your body, and advocating for your own needs. By showing up as her true and authentic self, she hopes to inspire others to do the same.
Never Done chasing the finish line. University students in Japan prepare all year for Ekiden, a relay marathon race that takes place on the mountainous roads surrounding Tokyo. These men and women channel a tunnel vision of optimism and teamwork to compete in these prestigious races. As they run in fellowship and sweat side by side, many Japanese people huddle in warmth inside their homes and lean in to eagerly watch the races and celebrate the New Year. In Japan many athletes who competed in the summer games started at one point as an Ekiden runner. As they welcome the new year they will soon have another task, to pass the baton to the next generation of Ekiden runners.
Never Done innovating the game. It takes a village to raise a team. In a hidden village in Marfa, Texas, lies a team of dedicated administrators, fans, and coaches who keep the spirit of the game alive by coming together to play Six-Man Football. After a grueling period during the Great Depression, a Nebraska coach invented a high-scoring adaptation of traditional football by cutting six players to accommodate dwindling populations in rural towns. A booming art scene has skyrocketed the cost of living and continued to drive out long-time locals, but the sport hasn’t just kept kids on the field; it’s kept this community more unified than ever. What sport bonds your community? 📸: @cengizyar
Never Done groovin'. “Radiate good energy to others and you’ll get it back.” 💫 - @mryoutube   In the early 2000s, a self-taught Mr. YouTube pioneered a dance known as Lite Feet in Harlem and the Bronx that took the city by storm. It’s not about being perfect — he teaches his students that dance is a sport all about enjoying the freedom of self-expression without fear of failure. “Whenever I’m going through something, dance has been my tool,” he says. 📸 by @thaliagochez Tag someone who radiates good energy. 🌟
Never Done inspiring the next generation. “As a woman and an athlete, I stand for gender equality... especially for young girls, in order for them to have the arena to express themselves, to show their qualities.” - @ahegerberg 💫 An inspiration on and off the pitch. Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg isn’t just striking a change with her boots, but also with her voice – paving the way for younger generations to make their way to the largest stages ⚽
Never Done swinging. “I’m more positive, more confident, and I definitely have more self-belief since starting boxing.” - @pnboxing 🥊 Hidden away in South London, boxing club Gloves Not Gunz is a place of belonging which has been bringing young people together since 2017. 22-year-old Precieux Noka joined the club as a teenager and is now a coach. He understands the positive power the club has to change lives and the self-confidence that boxing provides. Kids from different schools, neighbouring postcodes, and varying backgrounds turn up. They admit their differences, but they’re left firmly at the door. How has sport changed your life? 📷 by @laurenmaccabee
Nathan Féliot spent years trying to find passion on the court, the field, and the pitch. But once he unlocked his love of dance, there was no denying his heart belonged onstage. Since then, the French native has smashed gender stereotypes in his sport and challenged assumptions of race within the dance industry. Now, he’s training 80 hours a week to prove to everyone that he can turn his dreams of dancing professionally into a reality. Never Done challenging stereotypes. 🎥: @nathan.feliot + @sara_nell_mcd 📸: @idontrustyou ✍️: @jenniferpadjemi
Never done shredding. “When you go out and snowboard, the whole mountain is your field to play.” – Cai Xuetong 3x Olympian @xtongc combines extreme sport, style, and passion as she pushes to be the best snowboarder in the world. A rigorous training routine has accompanied her ever since she strapped onto a board at age 10. Her follow up? Representing her home country of China at an international level at 17 years old. With medals and national acclaim in her backpack, her message now is simpler — inspire young girls all over the world to brave the frigid weather and find a winter sport they love ❄️ What are your favorite Winter sports?👇
“In France it’s not in the culture for athletes to talk about social issues because people like when we stick to sports. But I want them to know that we live beyond sports.” [email protected] In a conversation with global activist @janayathefuture, French National Basketball Player Diandra Tchatchouang discusses how she hosts real, honest discussions about her experiences to shed light on the lives of Black athletes on and off the court. By sharing her story, Diandra hopes to provide the next generation with the tools to change the game.
Alexia ‘La Reina’ Putellas 👑, captain of @FCBFemeni is officially the best football player in the world, but her influence goes far beyond trophies and goals 🏆... Her love for Barcelona started when she first visited Camp Nou with her father at only 6 years old, and her support for the next generation of athletes makes her the worthy Queen she is. Long may her reign continue....🔥 @alexiaps94
“I train like an athlete to express like an artist.” 💪 🎨 Wang Qing is one of the highest-ranked female breakers in China, and she’s also a full-time student working toward a Ph.D. in Chinese folklore. She taps into that expertise by adding storytelling into her dance moves. “By listening to other people’s stories, we can better understand how they perceive the world and their surroundings,” she says.  📸 by Yuyang Liu How do you use sport to express yourself? 🗣️ 🏃🏊💃
In 2020, @reneemontgomery sat out of the WNBA season to stand up for social justice. In 2021, she became the first and only former player to become both an owner and VP of a WNBA team. Throughout that year, Renee held on to her dreams and now she’s committed to empowering the next generation of athletes to flip it like she did and carve out space to make their communities better. Never done changing the game. 🏀 Watch Renee’s story at the link in bio.
We are heartbroken by the news of Virgil Abloh’s passing. Since 2016, Virgil has been a beloved member of the Nike, Jordan and Converse family. He was a creative force who shared a passion for challenging the status quo, pushing forward a new vision while inspiring multiple generations along the way. But more than a collaborator, colleague and prolific creative, Virgil was a husband, father, son, brother and friend. We are proud to call him family. We offer our condolences to the many who shared a connection. He will be greatly missed.
Never Done pushing limits.   This past weekend, Tatyana McFadden finished 7 marathons in 11 weeks, reaching the podium in 6 and winning the @chimarathon.   “Through all of the tough parts of the past year, I felt like we were all united by running. These past few weeks were more than just racing for a place on the podium—it was about experiencing each race day with the entire running community once again.” - @tatyanamcfaddenusa
Defender Madison Hammond plays for family. ⚡⚽ “I put my ashes on before every game to remind me that every time I step on the field, I’m playing for my entire family back home.” @gohaamm As the National Women’s Soccer League’s first Native American player and one of Nike’s N7 Beacons, she’s on a mission to ensure that she’s not the last Native American to make it to this level. How do you show up for your fam? Share with us in the comments below. Photographer: @josue_foto x @tekpatl
Welcome to NIKELAND on @roblox, where sport has no rules. Sound on 🔊 @champagnepapi Hit the link in our bio and start exploring!
“It doesn’t matter where you start because when you play to lift your people, no hoop is too high.” The world may know @giannis_an34 as an MVP and NBA champion, but it’s his work off the court that’s truly special. The AntetokounBros Academy is more than basketball, it’s a space where kids from diverse backgrounds are given the chance to unleash and develop their potential through sport. Where everyone and anyone feels they belong. With the help of @onassis.stegi and @eurohoops_official, Giannis has created something that he never had growing up. A place where you’re encouraged to follow your passion and where having fun is as important as working hard. On or off the court, one thing is for certain, Giannis is Never Done changing the game. “When you figure out what makes you happy, you gotta keep doing it because you’re gonna be the best version of yourself.” 🎥 @hael_ky 📸 @eleni.albarosa 🎨
Never Done challenging yourself. 🙌 For the last 42 days, running legend Shalane Flanagan has been on a mission to run 6 marathons.  "Honestly, I had no idea that this project would be as magical as it has been. This is the most fun that I’ve ever had running. For over two decades, I have loved this sport, but in the past six weeks I fell for it.” She crossed her final finish line in New York this past weekend, completing her journey with the same marathon she won in 2017. 📸: @cortneywhite_
Never Done inspiring each other. 💪 “Seeing these kids creating their own vision of running gives me a lot of hope. They put their energy into actions with so much passion.” [email protected] Eliud Kipchoge stopped by PSG Stadium for a day of playing, coaching, and running with the kids from @golden_blocks association.🏃 Golden Blocks was co-founded by former world champion @ladjidoucoure7 in 2005 and focuses on providing access to sport for everyone throughout the neighborhoods of Paris 🇫🇷. Tag the athlete that most inspires you!
Never Done creating space ✨ “I want to give Black women everything I can through trail running.” Last summer, London running coach @doradontexplore started @ultrablackrunning to encourage Black women, trans and nonbinary runners to join her on the trails — a place she hasn’t always felt safe herself. "People would stop and ask me what I’m doing. I just kept on running and doing me," says Dora, whose weekly runs now have dozens showing up. “Black women need this space to just be them, and it’s blossomed into something amazing.” 📷 by @h_cato
Come for the game. Stay for the love. It's good to be back together again.
“I'm gay 24/7. That's how I show my pride year round.” - @giveme1shot__ Out and proud Olympians, like Raven Saunders, are on the rise, letting the next generation of athletes know there’s power in being true to yourself. 🏳️‍🌈 Show Raven some love in the comments below! 📸: @iamshooter and captured following COVID safety protocol
“My generation is all about being brave, being strong, and doing it because you love it.” - @skybrown Sky, the world’s youngest pro skateboarder, pushes her limits in all the best ways. Whether she’s in a park 🛹, on the water 🏄‍♀️, or dancing on national television 💃, Sky is proof that radical optimism isn’t a weakness — it’s a superpower. Tag a friend who is an optimist like Sky. 😎☀️
Kin at all costs. 🐯 🥷✊ That is the mantra of @kinjaz. It means these movement ninjas support and elevate each other to reach their highest collective potential. Founded in 2010, the Kinjaz are an L.A.-based dance crew and tight-knit group of choreographers who quickly built a reputation on national TV for their  ✨unparalleled✨ precision and iconic routines. The name for these dancers comes from “kin,” meaning family, which is also the root word for kinetic, meaning movement. 📸: @thaliagochez What’s your mantra? 🧘‍♂️🌟
I am strong. I am a beast. I am a force of nature. This is what the girls of Eyekonz Sports, a Philly-based lacrosse league, tell themselves every time they take the field. Jazmine Smith, the team’s coach, founded the league to bring more Black girls into the world of lacrosse and set them up for success through sport. Thanks to Coach Jaz’s tough love and dedication, this lineup of young athletes is not only living out their affirmations, they’re becoming better players, more involved activists and more supportive teammates. Through the strength of their sisterhood, there's nothing they can’t achieve. They are strong. They are beasts. They are forces of nature. WBU? 🎬: @gigilaub 📸: @laurelgolio 🎥: @meerkatmedia
“Latinas, never give up. Everything we do. We do with passion.” @leticiabufoni Leticia Bufoni moved to the US from São Paolo, at the age of 14 to chase her dream of being a professional skateboarder. 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Today, she credits that passion, as well as the support of her family for all that she’s been able to accomplish. Now she’s looking to pass on those same lessons and inspire even more Latinas to pick up a board. 🛹
Short-track speed skating is not for the faint of heart. That’s why it’s perfect for @sukiouob. South Korea’s beloved “Queen of Short Track” is a world champ and brave advocate for survivors of abuse. 💪🥇 By speaking up, Suk-hee made sport safer for women. And now she wants all young athletes to know “a turning point is not what we wait for, but what we make. We have the power to do that.” ✨ Know a powerful woman like Suk-hee? Tag them in the comments below. ✨
“I think the biggest thing you can do is inspire somebody and give them hope that it’s possible to get what you want.” — @dbook We all know NBA All-Star Devin Booker as the incredible athlete he is on the court. Now, he’s striving to give back to his community—this time through his “Devin Booker Starting Five” program. From helping rebuild local courts to providing funding for educational programs and helping special needs groups, Devin is committed to putting team and community first. 🇲🇽🏀💪 Join us in celebrating Latino Heritage Month with Devin and let us know what impact your starting five is making in your community in the comments below.
The future of skateboarding is here. Just ask thirteen-year-old @rayssalealsk8. With several international victories under her belt, Rayssa represents a new era of the sport that’s open to all…even little girls wearing sparkly wings. With her skater-girl-magic on deck, she’s ready to help usher in a new era of sport. ✨🧚‍♀️
“100% of myself is nothing compared to 1% of the team.” - @kipchogeeliud   If marathon world-record holding, Olympic gold medalist Eliud Kipchoge believes in something, there’s probably something to it.   As runners, we’re all on the same team. Working toward the same goal. Not just to become better runners, but better versions of ourselves.    Check @nikerunning for advice, insights and answers from elite athletes to first-time marathoners all season long.
It takes courage to take the first step 🏃. Just ask @azusa25nigo 🛹 When‍‍️ Azusa‍️ was‍️ 29,‍️ she‍ started‍ skateboarding.‍ And‍ when‍ she‍ noticed Tokyo’s‍️ female‍ skate‍‍️ scene‍️ lacked‍️ representation, she decided to‍️create‍️ it‍️ herself.‍️That’s‍ how‍ she‍️ founded‍‍️ @skate_girls_snap, a project that celebrates femle skaters in Tokyo. Whether it’s embarking on a creative project, trying out a new trick, or even stepping on board for the first time—Azusa is showing women that in order to get somewhere, you just have to start. Learn‍ more‍️ about Skate Girls‍️ Snap‍️ and‍ Azusa’s‍️ skate‍️ community.‍️ Link‍️ in‍️ bio. 📸: @photoby217
“The climate crisis is affecting my sport and athletes all over the world. Real snow has become a luxury. We need to use our voices and work together to make change happen.”    Olympic gold medalist @chloekim knows that climate change affects the future of snowboarding. As temperatures and snowfall change, so will access to winter sports.    Doing our research and raising our collective voice is the first step to doing our part to contribute to climate action. Click the link in our bio to learn more about how we can raise our collective voice to help protect the places we love.
“People like to tell us what we can and can’t do, but we ain’t hearing that. Real Hot Girls know no one can define us, but us.” — @theestallion 😛 Megan Thee Stallion conquers any stage she touches, and so can you. Thee Hot Girl coach wants all the Hotties worldwide to know not every athlete is built the same. And sport is whatever you make it. 🔥🔥🔥 Hit the link in bio to learn more about Meg’s sport journey. 🎥: @mikecarson
“I just see everything we can achieve, if we all share the biggest stage together” - @bebe_vio 1960 Rome. All eyes are on the biggest event, where fencing is taking the big stage at The Palazzo Dei Congressi. Fast forward to 2021. Gold-winning wheelchair fencer Bebe Vio doesn’t see two worlds. Two competitions. She just sees one event with everyone on the big stage. Because sport doesn’t belong to a chosen few, it belongs to anyone who chooses to play. ⚽🎾🏀🤺💫
“I would be wasting my life if I wasn’t using my platform to change the negative perceptions around disability.”   With 14 major titles, Paralympic medals, a book, radio show, music festival, and foundation all to his name, Aussie @dylanalcott isn’t just the best wheelchair tennis player in the world. He’s an absolute legend.   Check out Dylan’s inspiring one-on-one with junior world champ, Ben Bartram. Link in bio.
Brilliance knows no barriers. @tatyanamcfaddenusa is proving she’s more than just a runner. When we Play New, we can’t be stopped.
“If things don’t work one way, try another. Don’t assume it’s impossible.”  Gymnast @alexa.morenomx is vaulting to the top of Mexico’s most loved athlete list. When it comes to being a role-model for a new generation of girls, she sticks the landing every time.🔥
Greatness starts with a goal. @cristiano has just scored his record-breaking 110th 🇵🇹 goal, making him the top international men’s goal scorer of all time. His desire to be the greatest to play the game has continually driven him and football to new heights. This is more than just another goal scored - this is another goal achieved. What goal are you working towards every day? Big or small, let us know in the comments below.
Smooth seas don’t make good sailors ⛵ Chrisanki Flood has been sailing the chaotic seas of the Caribbean for more than half of his life. Throughout his career, he’s not only had to navigate unpredictable weather patterns, he’s had to overcome the financial and racial barriers that come with this predominantly white sport. But when the Saint Lucia native is out at sea, he’s able to relax and live his purpose. It’s this unrelenting connection to the water, as well as the support from the tight-knit group of professional sailors on the island, that give him the discipline to keep training.  What sport helps you connect with nature? ✍️: @jiyapinder 📸: @nattykiii
“I want to prove the bar can always be raised higher.” Through sheer grit and singular talent, @serenawilliams has transcended every obstacle in her path. From the public courts of Compton to the grandest stages of tennis, she has overcome defeat, injury, racism, sexism, and every naysayer in between. Her resilience is what makes her truly great. Driven by an obsession to win, Serena holds a record 23 major titles and counting. She’s a legendary athlete, successful entrepreneur, and loving mother. Serena Williams continues to write her own legacy. On her own time. On her own terms.
Fear stings worse than any foil. @bebe_vio shows us all how to overcome with her continued bravery. We become bolder when we Play New.
Talk about home field advantage 🏔 In a tiny village 6,200 feet high in the Swiss Alps, with one bar, one hotel, one church and a few dozen stone roofed chalets, soccer reigns supreme. With Gspon’s 500-odd residents, this alpine community is centered not around sky slopes or hiking trails, but a pitch — in fact, the highest one in Europe. At this altitude, the visiting team is often gasping for breath while the locals enjoy an unusual home advantage as the game wears on. ⚽ Where’s your favorite place to play? Tell us in the comments! 📷: @dominicnahr ✍️: Kieran Dahl
No more waiting. Let the @carririchardson_ show begin. Sha’Carri laces up her spikes this weekend at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon. Throw some love for her in the comments. 🎥: @rodneyluthaking 🎥: @mr_mosher
“When I step on the court, I definitely want to stand out.” @serenawilliams has been an innovator since day one. And while she was changing the world of tennis, she saw a need to change the world of design too. That’s why she partnered with us to create the Serena Williams Design Crew. By championing diverse talent from all walks of life, Serena and her ten up-and-coming design teammates can be catalysts for change. Click the link in our bio to find out more about the program.
“Kipchoge inspired me to be unstoppable.” A graffiti artist in Nairobi 🎨 An avid runner in Berlin 👟 A mother of two in Las Vegas 👩👦👦 What do these people have in common? They’ve all been inspired by the world’s fastest marathoner, Eliud Kipchoge. After another historic victory, he’s pushing the definition of what it means to win by empowering others to push past their perceived limits—no matter the goal.🥇🏃🙌
Home is where the game is. Indian Gymkhana Football Club bring friendship, excitement and competitiveness to every match. But behind this energy is a purpose: paving the way for a new era of football. Established in Osterley, West London in 1916, the team has been a hub for London’s second-generation Asian community for more than a century. Tag your favorite squad to play with in the comments below.
Passing the game on to a new generation, one play at a time. 🏀 This court on the coast of Italy is the home of @tamtambasketball_official, a volunteer-led nonprofit offering local children from the migrant community a platform and program to hoop and grow. For this team, basketball is family, and the lifelong lessons learned here on the court are just as relevant off of it. Just don’t expect any easy buckets out there. Meet the Tam Tam squad at the link in bio, and shout out your teammates in the comments below. 📹: @thibautgrevet captured before the lockdowns in 2019.
Raising the bar at the highest level is what they do. They’ve done it consistently over 25 years. Now you’re out of excuses for not paying attention. Congratulations to the USA Basketball Women’s National Team on bringing home the program’s 7th straight Olympic Gold Medal and continuing to represent the best of us.
New team. Same dream. @usabasketball silences the doubters by letting their game speak for itself. When we add to history, we Play New.
The Super 5 League is a 5-a-side football community for women and non-binary people in Hackney, East London. In a sport that’s been difficult for them and others to access at times, the league provides an inclusive space for football and friendship – now 56 teams strong across 7 divisions. Their sense of creativity and flair is clear on the pitch, both in their brightly coloured kits and the way the players communicate with each-other. “The league feels like a space that I should be in. I feel closer to myself than when I'm anywhere else in my life.” How do you express yourself on the pitch? 📷 by @katebones
“When you win, you get the reward. On this team, we’ve won, and we’re taken for granted.” — @dianataurasi You should know this team. Undefeated since ’96. Six straight Gold Medals. W after W, the USA Basketball Women’s National Team has never stopped raising the bar for the rest of the world. Meet the women who conquer injustice at home and crush their foes abroad. Meet your new heroes. They’ve been here all along.  Tag the people who push you to raise your game.
🤙 “YEAH BOY!!” 🤙 That’s the amped-up refrain you hear when members of the Tarkwa Bay Surf Club crush a wave. The big dream for this tight-knit community of shredders just outside of Lagos City, Nigeria? Qualifying to represent their country on the world stage in 2024. Follow their journey to go pro at @nigeria_surfing and tag who gets you hyped in the comments. 📸: @olihillyer_riley captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
On any given day, on any flat road in Barbados, you’ll find chalk outlining a court, plywood standing in as a net, and a stripped tennis ball flying back and forth between two players. This is road tennis. Adopted from the British game of lawn tennis and made its own on the streets, the sport as become integral to the Barbadian culture. Today, permanent courts have popped up all over the island to accommodate the emerging pro circuit. With an expanding roster of players who are determined to grow their sport, it may soon be played all over the world. What sport is vital to your community? Share below. ✍️: @daphneewingchow 📸: @aniyaemtage 🎨: @davidlinchen
Breakdancing may seem like an unexpected beach sport, but in the West African city of Dakar, locals come to the shore every day to watch this crew perform. Yoff Beach is a destination for sports, and when the Power Crew stepped on the scene in 2013, they found that uneven sand and shallow waters helped maximize their agility and strength. But these seven dancers aren’t just there to level-up their street performance—they’re hoping to show audiences they can break, too. And with the sport’s deep roots in African culture, there's no better stage for it than the stunning landscape of the Senegalese city’s shoreline. Tell us your favorite place to train outdoors. ✍️: @kimiyasho 📸: @johngingerwessels
“I’m a Black woman and I love everything that I am. And I won’t apologize for that. This is my platform to help the next Black girl, so she doesn’t get swept under the rug.” 💪🏀🔥🙌 It still seems unreal to @aja22wilson that she’s accomplished so much in so little time. But legacies like A’ja’s wait for nobody. While her greatness on the court wins awards and gets statues built in her honor, A’ja’s commitment to young girls who look up to her is the New Fierce. “This generation is so bold, so tough, so real, and so strong. Get in your bag with this one and take over.” Tag the women who are the New Fierce in your life. 🎥: @rashadfloyd 📷: @stephaniemeiling 📷: @54ghosts
“You struggle to change things. Or things will never change.” 👊 Colombian national team captain @03nataliagaitan believes in a new kind of football. One that’s democratic and respects all genders. Even as a young girl playing, Natalia spoke up when she witnessed inequalities between the men’s and women’s game. People tried to silence her. She just got louder. 💥 Tag the people in your life who are making good trouble.
In Baltimore, dirt bikes are a way of life. 🏍 💥 But in a city where street riding is illegal, routine crackdowns affect the teens who are at the heart and soul of this sport. Baltimore native Brittany Young (@cntknockbhustle) saw more in the sport and these young people. She saw a gateway to the STEM curriculum. So she started B-360 (@b360baltimore), a non-profit that educates students through the tinkering and riding they’re already doing, but in a safe environment. What are some ways you can change your community through sport? Tell us in the comments. 📸 @cassandragiraldo captured in accordance with local health and COVID guidelines.
What if a woman ran a marathon on Mars? What if @realshellyannfp became the first woman to run the 100m in under 10 seconds🏃🏾‍♀️💨? What if wheelchair tennis legend @diededegroot launched her own video game 🎮? What if WNBA MVP @aja22wilson convinced world leaders to declare sport a human right ✍️? What if we respected athletes’ mental health as much as their performance? Tomorrow could be the Best Day Ever—if we can just imagine it ✨. What would be your Best Day Ever in sports? Share in the comments. 🔈: @lupitanyongo
“When two people are just living their true life, it can give so many other people confidence to just really live their true life.” @mrapinoe and @sbird10 define what it means to be the New Victors. While Megan and Sue have defined greatness and longevity in their athletic careers, their legacies go far beyond the court or the pitch. Sit in on their conversation about how pushing themselves in sport changed them, and the impact their own relationship has had in helping form the next generation of New Victors. Throw some love to the G.O.A.T.S. in your life in the comments. 🎥: @aimeekhoffman 🎥: @basilfauchier 📷: @phiawilson 📷: @evie___lane
Can you say squad goals? The Harlem Honeys & Bears, a group of self-proclaimed “old-timers,” has used the power of their tight-knit synchronized swimming team to challenge adversity, face fears, overcome grief, and teach Black youth in Harlem how to swim. And the coolest part: They manage to have a serious amount of fun doing it. 💦 Dive into their story via the link in bio.

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Play a round with @carlosbrowngolf, and you’ll learn the true meaning of personal strength. ⛳️ When a devastating injury forced Carlos’ leg to be amputated, some assumed his golfing days were over. Clearly, they didn’t know Carlos. Today, as an award-winning golf pro, he’s teaching his students (and us all) to embrace who we are and face our obstacles—head on.   Discover Carlos’ story at the link in bio, and tag your role model in the comments below. 📹 by @shernnotsean 📸 by @durzt
One flag can’t represent us all. So we’re telling the stories of not one, but the multiple communities on a journey to self-discovery. Because everyone deserves to find freedom in movement as we work towards creating a future where everyone has a place to play. Meet @bretmanrock, @gia.parr, and Shiho Shimoyamada.
“I was quite shy as a child. Football was a big opportunity for me to express myself. That's what I want for the next generation.” From grassroots football to literacy programs to free school meals, @marcusrashford wants to do more than just play great football. Shaped by his experiences growing up, he’s using his platform to have a greater impact on his community—and inspiring a new generation of leaders in sport along the way ⚽💫🏅 📹 @emily_mcdon 📹 @rawtape 📷 📷 @tomckean
A spiritual practice and running routine in perfect balance. 🤝 As a Buddhist monk and community leader, Yukai Shimizu’s runs through the steep mountains of Nagano, Japan are a time for reflection, focus, and clarity. They not only center his mind and body; they help him maintain his deep connection to the natural world. “For me as a monk, to run is to live in the moment. That itself is a teaching of Buddhism, and it has a positive effect on me.”    Link in bio for Yukai’s story. What type of movement feels like meditation to you? 📹 by @mackshepp 📷 by @willgoodan
Bet you haven’t seen flamenco like this before 💃 ¡Viva! is a flamenco troupe founded by @manuellinan that challenges the traditional gender roles of this centuries-old art form: All seven members of the crew perform the dance in full drag. And the people can’t get enough... ¡Viva! has sold out shows across Spain and the world, leaving audiences like 🤯 Drop flowers in the comments for the performers 🌹 📸: Captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
At 16,000 feet, the folks who doubted you look pretty small 🔍 The @cholitasescaladoras, an all-female collective of Indigenous Bolivian women, is proving there’s a big difference between what’s expected of you—and what you’re capable of. The crew recently summited Mt. Aconcagua (22,841 feet!) in Argentina and have their eyes on Everest. With every expedition, they are smashing cultural stigmas and stepping into a more equitable future. Tag the women who inspire you most in the comments. 📸: @toddantonyphoto captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t accomplish.” WNBA baller and former college superstar @sabrina_i doesn’t just want to be a legendary basketball player. She wants to be the greatest. Period. Her love of the game fuels her drive to smash records and expectations. Now, she’s challenging young players to keep shaking it up—until greatness isn’t divided by gender. 🏀⛹️‍♀️🔥 Who in your life needs a little of Sabrina’s fire? Tag them below. 📹📷 @danaboulos ✏️ @jordanligons
“Stop chasing perfection because there’s absolutely no point. It doesn’t exist.” 🎯 World Champion sprinter @dinaashersmith believes you shouldn’t hide from your body, you should celebrate it. And that’s why she’s emerging as a new kind of icon—one who is unafraid to drop the truth bombs people need to hear so girls can be unapologetic and confident in whatever sport they try. (THANK 👏 YOU 👏 DINA 👏.) Who in your life needs to hear Dina’s story? Tag them below. ✏️ @flwn__ 📷 📹 @ruthossaistudio 📷 @sophographylondon
Focused. Grounded. Go time. 👀 Whether it’s game-time, recovery time, or show-up-and-show-out at practice time, @sabrina_i stays ready. Just saying: we wouldn’t want to be the opposing defense. What helps you get into your zone? Drop a comment. 🎥: @marcus.chi @thomassimondp
Fail so hard, you can’t help but smile. Then do it again. Because trying something you've never done before is how you Play New. And that's always a win. 🧘 🏌️ 🏄 🤸 Join us. Link in bio.
This fierce squad is reclaiming roller-skating for all bodies and genders. 🛼 For this tight-knit crew of skaters, rolling out is how they shed stress, get creative and build a body-posi, gender-inclusive family. When they’re not rexing, dipping and spinning on a rainbow-adorned backyard ramp, they’re online — spreading confidence, community, and know-how so that skaters around the world can Play New. Through video calls and social media, they’re helping a new generation of skaters take on the sport and make it their own. 💪 Learn how to get involved with the squad. Link in bio. 🎥: @erynncpatrick and 📸: @asdavidelliott Captured in accordance w/COVID guidelines.
A sisterhood of surfers in Hainan, China, paddle against the tides of tradition. 🏄‍♀️ Surfing inspires them to lead a simple and spirited life devoted to the sport they love. They’ve found a small slice of paradise on the South China Sea where they can Play New and empower others to do the same. What sport makes you feel free? Share below. 📸 @yuyang_liu_ captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
Come for the boxing, stay for the bonding 🥊 At this women-focused gym in Shanghai, boxers are knocking down stereotypes and helping each other find their inner strength in and out of the ring. By owning their own power, they are challenging society’s expectations, creating a more inclusive boxing culture in their city, and setting the stage for others like them to Play New. Who would you step into the ring for? Tag them below. 📸 @luoyangggg captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
To every mother, everywhere: you are the toughest athlete.
Momtaz Yoga Center in Kabul uses yoga to practice self care. 🧘 Owner and instructor @fakhriamomtaz is dedicated to creating a place for women to work out together in Kabul, something that did not exist for her mother's generation. But it’s about more than just movement, it’s where Afghan women come to deepen friendships, nourish their bodies and Play New in a safe space of their own. Where do you go for sanctuary? Share below. 📸 @kianahayeri captured in accordance with local health guidelines.
Black women are rarely recognized for the hard work they put in. It’s not just magic, they are the real thing. Join us in celebrating their hard work and help level the playing field. #WePlayReal 🎙:@domfishback
“One of the greatest things a person can do is inspire others.” From a quiet winner to a vocal champion, the effects of @naomiosaka’s transformation can be felt far beyond the tennis court. Congrats on major title number 4 to the one raising more than her game.
Our hearts are with our Asian community. We stand united with our partners to create a more inclusive future. For more information, click the link in bio. #StopAsianHate
At first, they had to convince their families to let them play. 🏀 Now they shoot hoops on a court surrounded by cheering fans.👏 This Afghan basketball squad from Kabul refuses to let any obstacle stand in their way. Check them out as they inspire the next generation of wheelchair ballers around the world. Share this post with the top 5 ballers in your life. 📸 @eliseblchrd and captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
How far would you travel for the game you love? For the bush footy team from Lajamanu, it’s hundreds of kilometers across some of the hottest deserts on earth in Australia.  Run-ins with the local authorities? ✅ Danger of being stranded in the middle of nowhere? ✅ Worth it for the game you love? 💯  Share the wildest experience you’ve had on the way to a game.  📸 @mattabbottphoto and captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
“I remember watching all these athletes repping Nike — each doing the unthinkable — and how inspiring it was. I always felt like there was an opportunity for Nike to embrace an entertainer the same way they had athletes.” ⠀ We are excited to welcome @champagnepapi to our family of athletes and bring our NOCTA partnership to life. ⠀ Hit the link in bio to see more of Drake's thoughts on the team up.
Opportunity 🤝 possibility. ⠀ @castersemenya800m started the @masai_ac because most kids from her town don’t ever get a shot at the Olympics... and that needed to change. ⠀ Stride by stride, the future of sport is hot on her heels. ⚡ ⠀ 🎥: @meghan.daniels @willie_nel_sasc
“You more or less have to get out of the way and let women lead”. After witnessing the pay disparity facing female basketball players earlier this year, @kyrieirving launched the “Kai Empowerment Initiative” which provided financial support for WNBA players who sat out the season for health and/or advocacy reasons.  He talked to his sister @asiairving about his life-long commitment to fight for gender equality. ⠀ What’s one cause that’s motivating you right now? Drop a comment 👇
Ballet + Jazz + Hip-Hop Majorettes = Compton Divas battle squad 💅🏿 This 15-girl strong “battle squad” brings the heat. From krumping to balletic extensions, one thing is sure: the @divasofcompton speak the language of movement, and their passion for dance fuels cheering crowds far and wide. We can hear the stands going wild from here. Tag your favorite dance crews below. 📸@nico_therin captured before the lockdowns in 2020.
“There is hope for many other Ingrids to be part of the dance world." ⠀ @IngridSilva founded @BlacksInBallet to uplift Black dancers in the white-centric ballet world. Growing up in Brazil, she didn’t have role models in professional ballet that looked like her. So, she became what she never had. ⠀ Follow @BlacksInBallet to see how Ingrid’s setting the stage for the future. ⠀ 🎥: @bennncareyyy
“There’s something so magical and liberating about being in and near the water. Every woman deserves the right to experience that feeling.” ⠀ @manirostom we couldn’t agree more.  ⠀ That’s why we launched the Victory Swim Collection. A range of swimwear for modest women, so no matter their beliefs or values, not a single one of them has to leave the water anymore.  ⠀ #YouCantStopUs #VictorySwim  ⠀ 🎥: @saradunlop and @dominicleungcuts
@kingjames has been the people’s champ ever since he stole the spotlight as a teen. But he’s also a champion of the people, using his platform to ensure all the voices in his community are heard and counted. 👑 ⠀ “It’s about all of us looking in the mirror and saying what can we do better to help change?“ LeBron knows that change doesn’t happen overnight, so his fight for representation goes way beyond the November US election. He’s got big plans, but if anyone can pull them off, it’s King James.  ⠀ Visit the link in our bio for information on voting 🗳️
@marcusrashford has earned a nod from the Queen and raised £20 million. The forward for England’s National team is continuing his campaign to end child food poverty in the UK. 👏 ⠀ “I think if we do it right we can change what the future looks like.” By rallying both the government and the food industry together, Marcus is using his platform to ensure that all school kids have access to meals. Give him a follow to watch how he makes history, both on the pitch and in schools. ⠀ In this series, we’re highlighting exceptional athletes like Marcus who fight the good fight for what they believe in. ⠀ 🎥: @joshblaaberg and @joelhoneywell
“The girls I coach look up to me. I always tell them, ‘Do your homework, get good grades. And remember, always stay in sports.’” ⠀ From coaching the local girls team in North London to refereeing FA football matches, this is the energy @jawahir_roble (lovingly known as JJ) always brings to the pitch. ⠀ JJ is the UK’s first hijab-wearing, female referee. In our new series, we’ll spotlight inspiring change-makers like her and all of the significant work they do for their communities. ⠀ Click the link in our bio to learn more about her story. 📸 @ronanksm