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🚨JOIN US LIVE 🚨 TOMORROW MORNING at 9AM PT I’m going live with my brother @JayGlazer to talk about his highly anticipated new book UNBREAKABLE, which hits shelves next TUESDAY 1/25. The book is all about Jay’s UNBREAKABLE MINDSET. He’s overcome the odds to achieve incredible success, but his greatest battle is something so many of us deal with - mental health. Anxiety, depression etc. The fucked up grey. Many of you know. I don’t often do IG LIVES, but Jay’s my brother and his mental health struggle has already helped so many people and his new book is an important one. Join us tomorrow on IG LIVE! We’re gonna chop it all up. #Unbreakable #IGLIVE 9AM PST
After my LIVE interview on last night’s #ManningCast on @NFL’s Monday Night Football, there’s been tons of worldwide speculation in the world of science ~ that I am the “mystery buyer” of the original T-REX skull, known as STAN. I am not the mystery buyer. In my home office, this is my REPLICA CAST of STAN that I had made and purchased from my friends at The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research and Paleontological Excavations ⛰🦖 *swipe left and you’ll meet my team 👏🏾👏🏾 The original STAN was found in 1987, by amateur paleontologist, Stan Sacrison and finally excavated in 1992. In science, this T-REX skull is considered to be the most perfectly preserved skull ever found. Bones of this beautiful beast were perfectly pristine. This is why STAN is so extraordinary and special. In 2020, STAN was auctioned and sold for $31.8 million to an anonymous buyer and never seen again. That buyer was not me. My love, respect, fascination and curiosity for paleontological & archeological science runs deep - and if I was the proud owner of the real STAN, I sure as hell wouldn’t keep him in my office 🤣🦖 I’d keep him in a museum, so the world could enjoy, study and learn from him. * some cool paleontology history for you guys ~ based on anatomical research, STAN had some BRUTAL fights during his lifetime. Multiple bites and punctures from another T-Rex all over his skull as well as at the base of his skull that resulted in a broken neck, which STAN SURVIVED but his vertebrae were fused, resulted in loss of mobility and great pain for the rest of his life. STAN’s a fucking bad ass. And reminds me of myself. Not because I’m a bad ass, but because I’m 67 MILLION YEARS OLD TOO 😂🦖 Cheers to the Cretaceous Legend himself… STAN #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower 🦖🥃
🚨 TUNE IN - IN TWO HOURS WE GO LIVE ON @ESPN ✌🏾 @9PM on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL 🏈 🚨 THE BIGGEST MANNING CAST EVER 🚨 2 MANNINGS. 1 ROCK. 3 FANNY PACKS. And best of luck to the players & coaches! KICK ASS & have a GREAT GAME 🏈 💪🏾💥 @NFL @azcardinals @rams #BringIt
Sunday cheat meal heaven ✨ ☑️ Sushi train express 🍣 🚂 ☑️ Homemade chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies 🍪🥜 ☑️ Frosted @Teremana Anejo 🥃 ☑️ My @NFL 🏈 This is what I call “DJ HEAVEN” *but, the jokes on me though - as I went to three different locations around the house so I could watch the game in peace and quiet - and I ended up settling in to watch the game where the dogs sleeps. And now he’s barking at me too. Un-fucking-believable 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️ Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends! #djheaven 🥃🍣🍪🏈
What an incredible day yesterday shooting our massive @ZOAEnergy commercial 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎥 12 productive hours fueled by a profound inspiration for our passion brand. Sweat. Work. My Founding Team. Our amazing Seven Bucks CMO @mayalasry & her hungry, brilliant crew. And the incredible energy that fuels it all ~ ZOA. As with everything in our consumer-driven ecosystem, WHAT DRIVES US ~ FUELS YOU 💪🏾🏋🏾‍♂️🍃🍇🍑🍊🍓🍍🥥🫐💥 The #1 FASTEST GROWING ENERGY DRINK IN THE GAME 🚀🚀🚀 Sip your ZO, now LFG!!! ~ dj @danygarciaco @daverienzi john shulman • FOUNDERS ZOA ENERGY DRINK
Daddy and his lil’🧜🏾‍♀️ (doing everything she can to stay up past 10pm 😂) enjoying one of our favorite Saturday night shows @karmasworldofficial on @netflixfamily 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥇 Congrats my brother @ludacris on this passion project. I know how much work and love you’ve devoted to this and it’s great to see it pay off. TOP 10 around the world 🌍 in 2021 and CONGRATS on SEASON 2!! My girls love the show and I highly recommend the series for families out there — and I also love that my daughters are seeing representation of color on the screen. From MOANA to RAYA to KARMA. Proud of you Luda. Keep expanding 👊🏾 #DaddyAndHisLittleMermaid 💪🏾🧜🏾‍♀️ #MyLegsAreJackedUpWithScars 💀🤣 #KarmasWorld ❤️ #WeekendVibes 🌺
'Til the roof comes off, 'til the lights go out 'Til my legs give out I'ma rip this shit 'til my bones collapse ⛓💪🏾 ~ @eminem Was intense, but we had fun shooting our bad ass @zoaenergy commercial that will air next month 🌍 120LBS of chains ⛓ wrapped around my neck, as we filmed 🎥 this “walk of hell” multiple times - so my legs were fucked up and on 🔥 at this point but the energy and mana in the gym carried us thru. Can’t wait for you #ZoaWarriors to see our spot! What DRIVES US, is what FUELS YOU. ZOA ENERGY 💥🍃 Sip your ZO, now LFG!!! #ZoaCommercial #IronParadise #ZoaWarriors #MadeNotBorn
Cheers to you, “Soulman” 🥃 RIP 🕊 Love u dad and I’ll see you down the road. The show must go on…
ONE ROCK⚡️💪🏾 TWO MANNINGS 🏈💪🏼 THREE FANNY PACKS 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ Tune in to #MondayNightFootball with Peyton and Eli Manning. THIS MONDAY at 8:45ET💯🏈 @omahaproductions #TheBiggestShowYet 💥
Pumped to let you guys know, it’s an exciting @zoaenergy💥🍃 morning as we shoot our big ZOA commercial today 🎥🤙🏾 Cool Easter Egg 🥚 for you #ZoaWarriors…. Our Z of ZOA ~ becomes 👉🏾 7 Reflective of the $7 bucks I once had in my pocket many moons ago. Gives you guys an understanding of how deeply personal and passionate we are about our ZOA brand. The reminder of never forgetting where we came from and where it all started. From $7 bucks to ZOA. The #1 fastest growing energy drink in the game 💪🏾📈 🚀 Good morning and have a great weekend! Sip your ZO, now LFG!!! ~ dj @daverienzi @danygarciaco john shulman Founders ZOA ENERGY
Take your Friday inventory. Insanely busy week, for all us. Getting pulled by a million different people, in ten million different directions - I understand 🤯🤪🙋🏽‍♂️ Close your work week on a positive uptick, going into the weekend feeling accomplished ~ and going into Monday with energy and momentum. Find your anchor, finish strong and enjoy this shit, you’ve earned it 😉👊🏾 LET’S F➕ING GO!! #findyouranchor⚓️
The Most Electrifying Mascot In the @NBA ~ @spurscoyote 🔥💎 *swipe left And I still look like the Buff Lesbian Lunch Lady with my thumb confidently stuck in my leather fanny pack 👍🏾🤦🏽‍♂️💀 Good to see you having some fun Coyote, next time I’m in San Antonio, we’re drinking @teremana 🥃🤙🏾 @spurs #sanantoniodrip
Happy Birthday to my tequila drinkn’ buddy & ohana @jeffbezos 🥃🎂 As an entrepreneur, I can tell you that he has all the tools to run a successful company one day. But he just needs to figure out a delivery system that meets the needs of the consumers 😂 He’s a good man and a good hang. Very kind soul, big laughs with a big heart ~ the stuff that matters. HBD! #hardestworkersintheroom 🥃 @flanneryunderwood 📸
*scroll left 😂🤣🧐😡😈💀 Daddy made Sunday morning breakfast for the two tornadoes🌪 ~ which quickly turned into watching the “evil pond monsters” that apparently live in ponds behind kid’s houses on YouTube. Jazzy (unicorn dress) trying to assess how to track down these pond creatures with strategy & stealth. While Tia (red superhero costume) shifted those eyes and energy to… “Dear pond monster, if you come near my family, you better send your soul to heaven ~ cuz your ass in mine” 😂👏🏾👊🏾 Enjoy your Sunday with your families 🖤 #daddysgirls 💪🏾🌺 #tornadowarning 🌪 #pondmonstersbeware 👹 #sundaymorningmayhem ✨
HUGE @zoaenergy💥🍃 NEW FLAVORS DROPPIN’ THIS MONDAY AT 6AM!!! TROPICAL PUNCH 🍓🍊🍉🍇 WHITE PEACH 🍑 * both flavors = game changing DELICIOUS!!! INNOVATION is at our brand’s core and we’re proud to be - though never satisfied - the #1 FASTEST GROWING ENERGY DRINK IN THE MARKET 📈 No jitters. No crash. Just HEALTHY, POSITIVE RESULTS. ZOA WARRIORS ~ this Monday morning you chase more greatness. New flavor drop on @AMAZON & @ZoaEnergy.Com MONDAY 6AM 💪🏾☀️💥 ~dj founder ZOA Energy
A VERY special little boy I want you guys around the world to meet. * swipe left 🖤🌍 His name is Jett. He’s 5 years old. In 2021, this family’s hearts were shattered when Jett was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). Highly aggressive and inoperable brain tumor that occurs almost exclusively in young children. The prognosis of of DIPG is poor. Survival rate of 8-11 months. DIPG takes away the ability to walk, talk, smile, and eventually breathe - all while leaving the mind completely in tact. THIS LITTLE BOY IS SO STRONG. 30 rounds of radiation without sedation. Just calm and brave. He’s lost the ability to speak but completely understands and he uses thumbs up 👍🏾 or thumbs down 👎🏾 to respond to things. This little boy looks up to me as a superhero. He believes I’m brave, strong, funny and kind. Maybe I’m a few of those things, but in this moment talking to him, I just don’t know. But what I do know is that this little boy is way stronger, braver and kinder than I’ll ever be. I speak to a lot of kids (and adults) every week who are fighting for their lives, and usually I have my shit together - usually I’m strong in the moment. Strong for the kids and the parents. I keep it together. But this time when I was telling Jett’s mommy and daddy, Larisa and Manny how special their son is… I just had to pause. Too emotional to speak. All I could muster was “I’m sorry” This FaceTime call took place three weeks ago and as soon as I ended this call, I was jumping on a plane to fly home just in time to tuck my little girl, Jazzy into bed. It was her birthday. She was the same age as Jett. I guess that’s why it all hit me. I don’t why things like this happen the way they do. I just don’t know. But, it was such a PRIVILEGE for me to talk to Jett and his family. I’m in awe of his bravery and the strength of his parents, Larisa & Manny. Thanks everyone out there for reading this and saying a little prayer and sending positive vibes Jett’s way. This little boy is SO STRONG that has a SUPER POWER by simply giving a thumbs up 👍🏾 Stay strong, Jett. Your “thumbs up buddy” 👍🏾 ~ dj
Friday late nights at the @teremana bar where The Hag 🥃🧊 (and many others) can always be heard on that magical neon juke box. Some of you may know this classic and one of my all time favs. Long work week, much needed night cap. Have a great weekend! Cheers 🥃
Burnin’ the midnight oil 🕛🕯 12:30am Long work day. Needed to sweat. Do what we gotta do. #ironparadise 🦅
Very long work day, but very productive for our VFX production of BLACK ADAM⚡️ 10 hours of sitting in “the egg” shooting extremely complicated sequences where I can only move my eyes, head & shoulders focusing on marks no bigger than a quarter - all while performing as #BlackAdam. In the mythology, TETH ADAM (his original name before his soul is darkened to BLACK), starts off as a slave in his birthplace of Kahndaq. These slave sequences are super intricate and complex. Requires a real TEAM EFFORT to get the job done. A huge THANK YOU to/ our director, Jaume Collet Serra. our Black Adam VFX Supervisor, and two time Oscar winner, Bill Westenhofer. our entire A+ post production crew and the brilliant LOLA Visual Effects Team. Thank you all for your time and incredible talents and I can’t wait for the world to finally see THE MAN IN BLACK⚡️ #vfx #mythologycomestolife #blackadam⚡️
It’s OFFICIAL & UNPRECEDENTED. Our @teremana has sold over 600,000 nine-liter cases in 2021, making it the FASTEST GROWING TEQUILA IN THE HISTORY OF ALL SPIRITS. THANK YOU for making Teremana your #1 tequila and Tequila of the Year!🥇 For some context on why Teremana’s 600,000 cases sold is “holy shit” news/ George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila was selling about 170,000 cases when it was acquired by Diageo for $1 Billion dollars. Teremana selling 600,000 cases in just ONE YEAR, really puts this growth into extraordinary perspective. It’s truly unprecedented and it’s all because of YOU ~ my MANA OHANA ~ THANK YOU!! Thank you to our global distribution partners, Mast Jäegermeister for their commitment and aligned vision in making Teremana Tequila a true GLOBAL TEQUILA BRAND. Salud’ to highest in quality and best in taste! ~ dj 🥃 founder teremana tequila #legacy
Pick up truck rollin’ as the soul & vibe just takes over 😂🛻🎶 We took a little road trip and start singing songs ~ and I start groovin’ to one of my ALL TIME FAV songs, from one of the 👑’s George Michael ~ “Kissing A Fool” ☑️ Beautifully written. ☑️ Beautifully arranged. ☑️ Beautifully performed, by George. ☑️ Completely fucking ruined by DJ, singing confidently in keys that don’t exist 🤣🎙 You should hear me sing when I’m drinking @teremana 🥃💀 🎥 @laurenhashianofficial (the real singer and musical talent of the family;)
Quick pause of the workout to say (holy shit) THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏾 Just got a call from @netflix. I have 3 of the TOP 10 MOVIES IN THE WORLD. RED NOTICE 🍿Netlfix’s biggest movie of all time HOBBS & SHAW 🍿highest audience score of all time for any Fast & Furious film. JOURNEY2: MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 🍿a special family movie and one that I’ll always hold close to my 🖤 for a few personal reasons. I’m a lucky SOB and it’s truly my privilege to “deliver the goods” to you and your families around the world 🌍 Thank you guys!! Love U and have a productive week. I’ll get my ass back to work 🤣 ~ dj
For all us FOOTBALL FANS 🏈 I got BIG & EXCITING NEWS!! In exactly 365 DAYS, we will officially kick off our 2023 @XFL TRAINING CAMPS. As an XFL owner and a man who has put his callused, dinosaur hands in the dirt - I can guarantee you that our XFL PLAYERS will be the hardest and hungriest workers in the room. Our message to the FOOTBALL NATION ~ we are building our one of kind XFL CULTURE for you. XFL is watching. LFG. #leagueofculture #leagueofexpression #leagueofpride #hardestworkersintheroom #hungriestworkersintheroom XFL TRAINING CAMP 2023
This is BIG & OFFICIAL. 2022 is THE YEAR OF @zoaenergy💥 ZOA ENERGY is now available at @speedwaystores ACROSS OUR COUNTRY ⛽️🇺🇸🚗🛻🚚 THANK YOU to our great SPEEDWAY & @7eleven PARTNERS for aligning our brands with the goal to always serve our customers with quality and awesomeness. ZOA is the #1 FASTEST GROWING ENERGY DRINK IN THE MARKET! No jitters. No crash. Just healthy, positive results. Sip your ZO, now LFG!!! 💨💥 #zoaenergydrinks💥 #speedwaystores⛽️🛻 #acrossamerica 🇺🇸
🤟🏾 We got away into the mountains 🏔 for New Years, so we could set our intentions & goals for 2022 + beyond, drink some tequila and write it aaaaallll down ✍🏾🥃🥃 @laurenhashianofficial and I took our time (spent hours writing and talking) had a lot of fun, as writing your intentions down can become quite powerful. I’m a big advocate in “the written word” and believe the universe meets you half way when you TAKE ACTION. And writing your intentions, goals and VISIONS down on paper is a great first step. Plus, the more @teremana I drank, the more shit I wrote down - as you can tell 🤣🥃✍🏾 Whatever your process is ~ I hope and wish all you and your families a tremendous 2022 of health, wellness and success. And just as important - the strength, capacity and resolve to get thru the hard times too. LFG!! dj 🥃 #intentions #visions #action
FIRST #cheatmealsunday of 2022 and WE’RE GOIN BIG with the WORLD FAMOUS/INFAMOUS RockToast!! 🍞🍨🥜🥥🌍 My amazing Chef Rocky @rockymercedes👩🏽‍🍳 and I rockin’ our insanely delicious and super secret recipe of “pure heaven” called ROCK TOAST topped off with/ ☑️ WARM homemade coconut, peanut butter maple syrup ☑️ Vanilla whipped cream ☑️ @teremana infused toasted coconut chips Let’s set the tone for 2022 and all of us having the greatest #CheatMealSundays EVER. You would’ve EARNED IT. So ENJOY IT. And for those of you across the country who have EXPERIENCED our ROCK TOAST ~ THANK YOU for your incredible reactions and for those of you who will finally try it this year ~ get ready for THE WORLD’S MOST DELICIOUS FRENCH TOAST. If you’re in the LA area, swing by the shop and experience what everyone is buzzing about…. 👇🏾👇🏾 😉 @brique_la #FirstCheatMealSunday #2022 #WorldFamous #RockToast
This is OFFICIAL ~ this is BIG. Our @zoaenergy is officially in EVERY @sprouts ACROSS THE COUNTRY 🇺🇸🍃💥 We take great pride in our ZOA formulation that’s a better for you, HEALTHY ENERGY DRINK fueled by green tea and green coffee energy. THANK YOU to our great partners at SPROUTS for fueling our ZOA WARRIORS and aligning our brands. ZOA Energy is the #1 FASTEST GROWING AND EXCITING ENERGY DRINK IN THE MARKET. No jitters. No crash. Just healthy, positive results. Sip your ZO, now LFG! #zoaenergy💥 #sproutsfarmersmarket 🍃 #nationwide 🇺🇸 #healthypositiveenergy✨
🏔🚀 January 1st and a good time to set our intentions. @zoaenergy WARRIORS. I’ve learned thru years of experience and hard work (and a little success) that acting with PURPOSE creates your POWER and having real INTENTION defines your LEGACY. If you haven’t done it yet, let’s set our intentions today. Let’s speak with purpose. Act with intention. Define our legacy. I’m right there with you. Sip your ZO, now LFG! #zoawarriors #settingintentions #2022 #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower
HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎊🥳 to you and your families and a @teremana toast to MAKIN’ IT COUNT ☑️🥃 Every step Every move Every action Every word Every handshake Every kiss 😘🤣 Let’s turn the corner and make it count…. Bring on 2022 L.F.G. 🌍 dj 🥃👊🏾 #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower
What could possibly go wrong? 🤜🏾💎🤣 🎯 My little tornadoes’ favorite daddy game to play is “Daddy close your eyes and TRUST ME” 😂 I’ll pay the price every time to get belly laughs and little giggles like this 🙋🏽‍♂️💀😍 * proud dad realization ~ my littlest one, Tia has a helluva straight right! 🤜🏾👍🏾😂 #daddysgirls 💪🏾
Bringing in 2022 with one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. An engraved pen 🖊 I know it may seem like a boring gift 🤣🎁💀 but my signature on something means a lot to me. Just like when I shake your hand and look you in the eye. Means a lot to me. Signature & handshake… that’s my word. that’s our bond. Happy New Year guys! I’m looking forward to big signatures and handshakes in 2022. ✍🏾 🤚🏾 thank you @laurenhashianofficial 🖤🥃
We got a late one in, but a great one in last night in the #ironparadise💀 Torture Rack is always humbling & kicked the dog shit outta me, but that how we like it - bring the pain 😊 It’s our last Thurs & Fri of 2021. Make these days count and get your momentum going into this weekend. Bring on 2022 ~ LFG!!!! #hwitr #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower
A huge THANK YOU to all our @zoaenergy WARRIORS 💥🛡 The power you have is extraordinary and shakes the energy drink industry. A big mahalo and congratulations to our great @amazon partners ~ we’re just getting started!!! And most of all, THANK YOU to our BAD ASS ZOA WARRIORS for trusting us to always deliver quality. Your ZOA cases are arriving in the coming days, just in time to kick off the New Year with immunity, discipline, and focus. Let’s commit to chasing greatness in 2022 with HEALTHY ENERGY!!! ~ dj @daverienzi @danygarciaco john shulman #founders ZOA ENERGY
ZOA WARRIORS 🚨Don’t miss this!👇🏾 Biggest sale of the year for @amazon and @ZOAenergy ends at 11:59pm TONIGHT! 30% OFF💰 All ZOA flavors ☑️ All Day/All night ☑️ #AmazonDealOfTheDay #1 Fastest Growing Energy Drink 💥 #1 Selling On Amazon 💥 Sip your ZO ~ 2022 LFG!!! Link in MY BIO 👆🏾
Let’s get the jump on 2022 right now! If there’s something that’s been gnawing at your gut that you need to make happen - in work, relationships, school, mental health, personal stuff etc — whatever it is. Do it and don’t look back. The price of regret is much heavier than the price of discipline. ~ @inkyjohnsonmotivate ✊🏾 I have a few things in my life I need to reconcile this week, so I’m right there with you guys - no more circling the plane. Land it. No regrets. 2022 LFG!!! #LandThePlane LTFP 🛬
🚨 Time to start a RUCKUS 🚨 Huge deal: TOMORROW ONLY our @zoaenergy is @amazon’s DEAL OF THE DAY!!! 30% OFF 💰 ALL ZOA FLAVORS. ALL DAMN DAY. ONLY ON AMAZON. Thank you for making ZOA THE #1 FASTEST GROWING ENERGY DRINK IN THE MARKET 💥💥💥 ZOA Warriors get ready ~ SIP YOUR ZO, NOW LFG!!! #ZOA #AMAZON #DealOfTheDay STARTING AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!!!
This one felt good. Surprised my mom with a new car for Christmas today 🎅🏾🎄 She was shocked. She got a few good ugly cries in. Then once her grand babies joined her inside the car. She was overcome with pure joy joy. Hell, even Hobbs, my dog wanted to peep the whip with his new Christmas chicken 🐓🤣 I’m so grateful I can do this kinda stuff for my mom, who’s had one helluva life. I don’t take any of it for granted. Neither does she. Merry Christmas ma, enjoy your new ride!!! 😊🙌🏾 And your Elvis records 🎶🕺🏽 We love you. You deserve a lot more 🙏🏾 ~ dj
I got a chilled @teremana with Santa’s name on it, when he rolls through tonight 🥃🎅🏾🛷 130am and finally able to exhale. All the gifts put out, letters written, cookie crumbles left behind and a little milk left at the bottom of the glass. Girls will be up in about 4hrs with the energy of two tornados🌪🌪🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ Bring on the madness! Man I love Christmas! Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays to you and your families!! We’ll sleep next year 🤪 dj 🥃🖤
On my way out the door to get my Christmas Eve workout in 🎅🏾💪🏾 when my littlest tornado says/ “daddy I have to do your make up first!” “I’m good baby, daddy’s gotta go” “But daddy make up will make your workout better” “No it won’t baby” “Yes it will, daddy” “Ok, you have 15 minutes!” 🤣❤️🌪 #makemelookcoolandbadass💪🏾😉
This People’s Champ Award is for you, Shushan ✨🏆 💪🏾 I had your name engraved on it and it’ll be delivered to your home next week. It was honor to meet you and your family. And it was a privilege to hand this to you on stage. Your warrior spirit as a survivor, is inspiring and beautiful. Keep inspiring all of us with your resilience and strength ~ and thank you and your family so much for inviting me over for a HUGE ARMENIAN MEAL!!! I have Armenian babies so you KNOW I’M READY TO CHOW DOWN!!! 🇦🇲 ❤️🤣☺️🙏🏾 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your family 🥂 Love, dj 🖤
And finally, for all us PRO FOOTBALL FANS ~ we are a little over one year away from the exciting and highly anticipated 2023 spring football debut of our XFL 🏈 🏆 We have taken the time to build out a truly exceptional and hungry football organization. At the top of 2022, we’ll be excited and proud to announce our new broadcast partners, new teams, new cities, new innovations, new alignments and much more. As an XFL owner and a man who’s NFL dream never came true, this is a full circle passion venture for me where now I can help create opportunities for players to live out THEIR DREAMS and take care of their families. Here’s to building out the game of football. XFL owner and XFL chairwoman @danygarciaco XFL owner Gerry Cardinale Red Bird Capital XFL owner and man who’s put his “hand in the dirt” ~ dj And all our XFL organization 🏈
Switching gears to our energy drink industry 💥 Our @zoaenergy has seen very incredible growth becoming the #1 fastest growing energy drink of 2021. It’s a privilege for our ZOA Energy brand to help fuel the engine that expands the energy drink category across the board. By creating a better for you, healthy energy drink with no jitters and no crash. Just results ☑️🥇 Sip your ZO, now LFG 2022!!! ~ dj @danygarciaco @daverienzi #founder ZOA Energy
Such a great, smart question here from @juliaboorstin of @cnbc💡👊🏾 Our @sevenbucksprod goal with our streaming partners is to build out franchises and intellectual property for the world to enjoy. Across platforms in TV, film etc. For example, our next big 2022 streaming film project is with our partners at @amazonstudios. Our ambition is to build out a franchise and universe based on CHRISTMAS LORE 🎅🏾 🛷🎄 All streaming companies want franchises and IP. Very hard to build, but with the right TEAM it can be done ☑️ #sevenbucks #amazon #red1
Thank you to our great @Disney partners who went shoulder to shoulder with our @sevenbucksprod this past summer as we released JUNGLE CRUISE during a very challenging and unique time in our industry. We modeled out a global release strategy together that proved very successful when you keep BIG PICTURE / cross platform in mind. We took care of the people. Took care of families around the world and offered them the most comfortable choice on day 1 of release. Enjoy JUNGLE CRUISE in theaters. Or in the comfort of your living rooms at home. Circumstances will dictate the model we apply, but the consumers will always come first. #sevenbucks #disney #audiencefirst
In our industry of entertainment, we’re at a phenomenal inflection point of opportunity. Theatrical vs Streaming. I believe strongly in serving the people BOTH experiences. Our North Star ethos will always be, where the consumers go ~ we go. Our RED NOTICE was made for @netflix and has already become the most watched movie of all time. We’ll always take care of our #1 bosses ~ the audience. We listen, we learn, we do our best to deliver. ~dj #founder #sevenbucks #audiencefirst
Good to sit my friends again @CNBC (thanks Carl) to chat our Seven Bucks Companies businesses. Our @Teremana Tequila has seen unprecedented and record breaking growth in the spirits industry 📈🥃🙏🏾 Selling a staggering 600,000+ 9 liter cases in just 12 months. To contextualize these unbelievable numbers - at the time George Clooney sold his Casamigos tequila brand to Diageo for over $1 Billion ~ they were selling approximately 170,000 cases. Teremana is selling 600,000 cases. Extrapolate the math & valuation and you see how unprecedented these sales are. Quality. Taste. Trust. We are so grateful and proud to be the “Tequila of the People” but recognize there’s still much more work to be done in the years ahead 🥃🙏🏾 Enjoy your Mana. ~ dj #founder #teremana #legacy
Fun headline 😁 looking forward to this one ☝🏾 My fellow entrepreneurs, CEOs, biz folks, ALL folks - catch my LIVE interview tomorrow morning on @cnbc. I’ll be chatting with my twin @carl.quintanilla about the market leading growth we’ve seen with our companies across industries in 2021. @teremana record breaking spirits sales 🥃🚀 @zoaenergy #1 fastest growing energy drink brand of 2021💥🍃 @sevenbucksprod setting all time streaming records 🎥🍿 Solid year. Much work still to be done ☑️📈 Join me tomorrow LIVE on CNBC. 1130am EST/ 830am PST #sevenbuckscompanies #founder #cnbc #thebull
Had the BEST daddy/daughter day with Jazzy to celebrate her big 6th birthday!!! 🎂🥳❤️ Private screening of the new movie, SING 2 and we LOVED IT. Congrats to the whole cast (who sang and performed their asses off 👏🏾👏🏾), entire production crew and Illumination Animation. No spoilers but that “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” ending is phenomenal 😉🎶🥃 And a big mahalo to my UNIVERSAL family for always taking care of my babies and family. Their joy is everything 🙏🏾👊🏾 SING 2 is awesome and a must see this Christmas weekend!!! I think between SING 2, Spider-Man, and The Matrix ~ our Christmas box office results$ will be very robust and healthy!!! Great way to close out the year with great movies for everyone 🍿🌍 #daddydaughterday #sing2 #candygalore 🍭🤦🏽‍♂️
Join US LIVE - TOMORROW!! Teremana Tuesday- A Very Merry Mana Happy Hour Live with my Mana Ohana! 🥃 Shaking up delicious Teremana cocktails with @resa_why 🍹🥃 Cooking amazing Teremana treats with Chef @rockymercedes👩🏽‍🍳🥃 And a cool performance of the hit song, “That’s My Shit” from @onlydyve 🎶 🥃 Get your ingredients and come ready to make your own Very Merry Manarita at home 🥃 7 pm ET/ 4 pm PT - I’ll meet you then! VERY MANA MANARITA 2 oz. Teremana Blanco .75 oz. Lemon Juice 1.5 oz. Pressed Apple Juice .5 oz. Agave Nectar Shake and strain over ice. Garnish with Ground Cinnamon & Cinnamon Stick #Teremana #TequilaOfThePeople #VeryMerryManaHappyHour 🥃🎅🏾
Don’t cheat yourselves, treat yourselves 🍔 🍟 🥃 #cheatmealsunday going down at the world famous #TeremanaBar where dreams 😈 come true and the good shit always plays thru the speakers 🎶 🔊 Two juicy sirloin burgers with double bacon and avocado. Regular fries and sweet potato fries. Chased with the smokey & sexy @teremana Anejo tequila! Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends Salud’ 🥃 #roadhouseblues
It’s about drive, it’s about power 🦅😊 Late night but killer weekend training sesh. Have a productive week, my friends. #ironparadise #disruptors #westayhungrywedevour 😉
Saturday night and just past midnight 🕛🥃 Sittin’ alone at what’s become one of my favorite places ~ the #TeremanaBar under the neon moon ~ where dreams come true and the good shit is always playin’ 🎶✨ A well earned icy Teremana toast to you guys, as it’s been a long couple weeks. I know you know. Enjoy your weekend. Take me on home Otis…. #thesearmsofmine #teremanabar #saturdaynightblues 🥃🖤
Happy Birthday to my all time greatest rivalry and friend from our wild and ground breaking days in the business that’ll forever be in our blood ~ pro wrestling 🍺🥃🩸 It’s hard to explain how much HELL we raised together, in arenas and stadiums all around the world 🌎 We split each other open and bled a lot. It’s what we did. Blood Sweat Respect Rock Bottoms Stunners Beer More beer Fun More fun And big middle fingers 🖕🏻🖕🏾 EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. FOR. YEARS. And as much fun as we had, the @wwe crowds ENJOYED IT EVEN MORE 🤯🔥😈👏🏾 Happy Birthday, my brother. And thank you “for the house” all those years and for a partnership that led to the biggest box office draw in pro wrestling history. ~ The Brahma Bull 🥃🍺 🐍🐂
Your EPIC REACTIONS to my FORTNITE DEBUT was INSANE and so much FUN TO WATCH!! 🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣👊🏾 Our @sevenbucksprod & @fortnite teams have been secretly working together for over a year to create and deliver something epically bad ass, cool & fun for you guys to enjoy!! And if you’re ready to “take the higher ground”…… then SIP YOUR ZO and LFG!!!! @zoaenergy @fortnite #ZOAWarriors #FORTNITEWarriors ~ f 🦾
On set with our YOUNG ROCK creator, writer & director Nahnatchka Khan. She’s an industry ground breaker and one of the most gifted, sharpest show runners in Hollywood - I respect and love this woman to no end. As you guys know, #YoungRock is our @sevenbucksprod NBC series based on my insane life growing up in the wild world of pro wrestling. With Nahnatchka, I’ve shared the good, the bad, the ugly, the really fucking ugly and the really fucking good parts of my life and it’s her job to interpret and extrapolate for families to enjoy around the world. We speak in direct and acerbic terms and man can she balance HUMOR & HEART with the best of ‘em. Thank you guys for making YOUNG ROCK, NBC’s #1 COMEDY last season 🙏🏾⭐️ And I’m happy to shine the light on our show’s creator, Nahnatchka Khan. Can’t wait for you guys to watch Season 2. And how crazy is this ~ Nahnatchka and her brother, Nick and myself used to run around the same arena back in the mid 80s watching pro wrestling when we all lived in HAWAII. How’s that for life coming FULL CIRCLE ⭕️✨🥃 #YoungRock #KhanJohnson #2032 🇺🇸 @masistills 📸
A great and productive week of filming our @sevenbucksprod @nbc “YOUNG ROCK” on our Johnson Ranch in Georgia 🎣🐴 Peaceful. And that’s rare because my productions are usually far from peaceful 😉 I raise trophy fish and we have some beautiful horses in our champ stables. We also have a very confident 8 point buck 🦌 on property and he thinks he owns it all He sorta does 😊 In all my career I’ve never allowed productions to be filmed on my properties ~ but #YoungRock continues to be the most surreal experience for me so I was very happy to share it all with my production crew so they can feel the mana and positive energy all around them. Special shout to my friend Randall Park. What a talent. Excited for you guys to see season 2. #YoungRock 🌺💪🏾 #JohnsonRanch 🎣🐴 🥃 #GoodMana ✨ #GreatStateOfGeorgia
Streaming thesis 📊📈😊 THANK YOU 🌍 guys worldwide for this insane support 🔥🙏🏾 On streaming platforms @disneyplus & @netflix - both JUNGLE CRUISE & RED NOTICE had been watched approximately 2 BILLION MINUTES in ONE WEEK 🤯 An amazing opportunity in our industry for our @sevenbucksprod to continue to serve our global audience first and closely pulse how the people want to enjoy our films, TV productions and other businesses across ALL platforms. A great time in our business to learn and listen to the consumer more than ever 🥃🌍 #sevenbucksproductions #audiencefirst
Join me and my friends for A VERY MERRY MANA HAPPY HOUR this TUESDAY 🥃 LIVE ON MY IG!!! 🍹Mana Cocktails with Teremana Bartender @resa_why 🍞🥥 Mana Food Recipes with Teremana Chef @rockymercedes And SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST, performing his hit song “THATS MY SHIT!” ~ @onlydyve 🎶🔥👊🏾 This Tuesday LIVE ON IG. 7pm EST / 4pm PST 🔥🔥🔥🥃🥃 Looking forward to raising that Teremana toast with all of you!!! #Teremana #2021TequilaOfTheYear🥇
Wheels up 🛫 A chilled bottle of @teremana has my name on it 🧊🥃 Long but productive day of getting great business done ☑️ Thank you everyone for your exceptional efforts today. Now I get to fly across the country so I can land just in time to tuck my birthday girl, Jazzy into bed 💤🌺 My lil’ pride & joy. Running on fumes. Finish your week strong. ~ dj 🥃 ✈️
Happy Birthday Jazzy!!! 👏🏾👏🏾 🎂🥳 My baby girl turns 6 years old today ✨ Strong, sweet, independent, happy, creative, confident and most importantly ~ loving and kind. And a WICKED 😈 sense of humor. Wonder where she gets that from? 😉 I’m proud of you, I got your back and as your father, I’ll always be here to help guide thru life with my heart and hands. And finally, remember this ~ your mama @laurenhashianofficial ROCKS!! There’s no one better. And no greater woman in your life for you to look up to and learn from 🌺☝🏾 Have the BEST BIRTHDAY and I’m flying home tonight after work to tuck you in. d 🖤
“SANTA CLAUS IS DOWN” 🎅🏻🤣😈 TUNE IN TONIGHT ON NBC ~ A WILD & VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS episode of our original @sevenbucksprod comedy YOUNG ROCK!!! 🎄🎁💪🏾 We had some great Christmases. We had tough Christmases. But, regardless of how crazy our family was ~ we always had each other and love on Christmas. Enjoy our holiday special! One night only… YOUNG ROCK TONIGHT @8PM ON NBC💪🏾🌺
Droppin’ some dope innovation with our new @projectrock #MicroFleece winter warmth wear. 🥶🔥🥶🔥👊🏾 Also coming in strong with our new #PR4 color way of STEEL & LEAGUE RED 👟👟 THANK YOU, as always for making PROJECT ROCK, @underarmour’s #1 TOP SELLING BRAND 🙏🏾🥇 Shop now for the holidays in the link in my bio ☝🏾☝🏾 Enjoy the gear and Merry Christmas 🤙🏾🖤🥃 🎁
🎄TUNE IN TOMORROW NIGHT🎄 Dwanta Claus🎅🏾🥃 brings you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS episode of our @SevenBucksProd original comedy series, #YOUNGROCK! INSPIRED by “A Christmas Carol’ but TINY TIM is all grown up 🛷☃️✨ Gather your families, spike the egg nog with a little @teremana, and enjoy this ONE NIGHT ONLY holiday special, TOMORROW at 8/7c only on @NBC! #YoungRock #AChristmasPeril #FierceBabyProductions #SevenBucksProductions TOMORROW NIGHT on NBC!
A lil’ #mondaymotivation for all my #ZOAWarriors 😤💪🏾 Closin’ 2021 out strong and preparing to embrace and own 2022!!! Thank you for making ZOA Energy, the #1 fastest growing energy drink brand in the market. Sip your ZO, now LFG!!! ~ dj #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower
Wheels up, fleeced down. Will get some very productive work done on this bird 🦅 ✈️ ⛅️ 📈 ✍🏾 then 👉🏾 💤🤣 Lots of big changes and big biz buildouts planning for 2022 and beyond. Have a productive week ☄️🌺 ~ dj
An UNFORGETTABLE night at the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS ✨🥃 Always good to see my friends, always good to make new friends and best of all…ALWAYS good to connect and vibe with my #1 boss ~ THE PEOPLE. Thank you to THE PEOPLE for sending me home with all the hardware 🏆🙏🏾☺️ Thank you to my friend and @teremana drinkin’ buddy @jeffbezos for the beautifully kind words you spoke on my behalf. As we’ve spoken about many times, kindness is a choice we make. Without hesitation. And finally and most importantly, to one very special and inspiring young lady who’s Make-A-Wish dream came true on this night. Shushan, this one’s for you 🏆❤️ #peopleschampaward It’s nice to be important, but more importantly to be nice. ~ dj 🖤 #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower 🥃
This one’s special. Means a lot to me. Years in the making. Full circle. In the mid 1980’s, Nick Khan, his sister Nahnatchka Khan and myself used to run around as kids in Honolulu, Hawaii every month when my grandmother would promote her pro wrestling shows at our local arena. As kids we LOVED the pro wrestling business and as adults, our love and respect for the wrestling business has become boundless. Now years later…. Nick is WWE PRESIDENT. Nahnatchka is one of the best TV show runners in Hollywood and the CREATOR OF YOUNG ROCK ~ our award winning TV series on NBC, based on my wild upbringing in the world of pro wrestling. And I’ve gone on to do a thing or two and become famous for rocking a fanny pack. Life is unpredictable. Amazing. Here we all are. Our @teremana toasts and amazing conversations were flowing (one person missing) 🥃🥃🥃 #squaredcirclemana #ourbiz #wwe #vkm 🥃 💪🏾
Mark your calendar 📆 for THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT on NBC!! A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS #YoungRock🎅🏾🌺 ONE NIGHT ONLY HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Inspired by Charles Dickens “A CHRISTMAS CAROL”, but with a twist.. Tiny Tim is aaaalll grown up and Christmas is great peril! 🙀 Get your egg nog & mistletoes ready cause you don’t want to miss this… #YoungRock 💪🏾🌺 #AChristmasPeril🎅🏾 One night only…. THIS WEDNESDAY ON NBC!!! @sevenbucksprod #fiercebabyproductions
Very happy for your success, @simuliu and great to see you break new ground in our industry 👊🏾🥃 Way to raise the bar with Shang-Chi, my friend! But you’re gonna need a lot more than 10 Rings, my friend…😈 Let me know when you ~ or anyone from Marvel ~ wants to dance with The Man In Black 😉 ~ Black Adam⚡️ #itsaboutdriveitsaboutpower
An unforgettable night 🙏🏾🥃✨ THANK YOU as always, to my number #1 boss ~ the fans, the audience, the people for making this night, one I will never forget. ✨Male Movie Star ✨Comedy Movie Star ✨People’s Champion Award And to one very special young lady, named Shushan ~ this one is for you! 🏆❤️ ~ dj It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. #peopleschoiceawards
Awesome @teremana toast with our ohana @jeffbezos & @laurenwsanchez 🥃🖤 “To adventure, fellowship and our People’s Champ” ~ Jeff Thank you, brother for the toast and for the incredibly effusive words you spoke on my behalf on stage ~ and most of all for being a helluva drinking buddy 🤣👊🏾 -dj #peopleschoiceawards #thepeopleschampaward
Such special time of year 🎅🏾🎄🍨 ❤️ as we make our INSANELY DELICIOUS NAUGHTY & NICE @saltandstraw & @teremana infused ICE CREAM🍦🥃 Our ice cream factory of “salties” are working hard to deliver the best ice cream in the world to you and your families this holiday season. Here’s our epic flavors delivered to you! 👇🏾 NAUGHTY NUTTY TIPSY TOASTY TEREMANA PECAN PIE 🥧 🥃 PB & J (pretty bad ass & jolly) BANANA COCONUT PANCAKES 🍌🥥🥞 DOUBLE FOLD VANILLA 🍦 CHOCOLATE GOOEY BROWNIE 🍫 DWANTA’s TEREMANA SPIKED EGG NOG 🥃 We’ve sold THOUSANDS of ice cream packs already and they will sell out fast, so get your order in NOW. * LINK TO BUY IN BIO ☝🏾☝🏾 @teremana & @saltandstraw are donating $1 dollar for every pint sold to @wckitchen for families need this Christmas. Enjoy your ice cream!! Love, Dwanta 🎅🏾🥃 * LINK UP TOP 🔝🍨
Earned chilled bottle of @teremana awaits on the bird 🥃 ✈️ THANK YOU People’s Choice Awards for an unforgettably BLESSED night 🙏🏾✨ 5 nominations. 3 wins. And the BEST part of the night - 1 very VERY surprised and happy young lady. What a night. Grateful man. Wheels up. ~ dj 🥃🖤
You know who I am. You know what I do. I won’t stop until the Zero Point is free. I need your help to do it. Then we can all go home. ~ f Leader of The Seven
Jesus just left Chicago ~ zz 🦅💀 (if you know, you know) We worked hard and tore some calluses up tonight ~ physically & mentally 🧠💪🏾 Core, back, bi’s, cardio, meditation. Always looking to improve, little by little, it all adds up. Consistency. Play the long game. Hard work. Every day. #ironparadise 🌺 @zoaenergy 💥 @daverienzi 🏋🏽‍♂️📆📈
“The world needed a hero, instead it got me.” ~ Black Adam⚡️ Our highly anticipated @SevenBucksProd #BlackAdam delivers a global exclusive cover for @totalfilm. Inside these pages, I share my 10yr journey of bringing the Khandaq disrupter to the big screen. There is NO ONE like Black Adam in the pantheon of superheroes and supervillains. And this is why, the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing. Available on newsstands THIS THURSDAY⚡️ @sevenbucksprod @danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 @mayalasry @jonesworks @flynnpictureco @wbpictures @dccomics
Saturday night. 1AM 🌚 Just got home from work and paid a lil’ earned visit to my @teremana bar cart 🥃🛒😉 Like a lot of you, I had an extremely long ass work week that seemed to never end. Cheers to always puttin’ in the hard work and doing what we gotta do, to take of all the stuff we gotta take care of. Enjoy your weekend, my friends Sing it Sol 🎶👊🏾 dj 🥃 #earned
We flipped the island. Now it’s time to take down the Imagined Order #FortniteFlipped  ~ f
What would I tell my 13yr old self? #1) Have fun. #2) Work hard. #3) And buy a bra to cover up your little Twinkie tits. ~ dj @leoeditdaily #thebasics
Who do I look up to? To be honest, I don’t look up to anyone anymore. I used to look up to my dad when I was a kid, but our relationship got complicated as I became a man. Loved him. Just complicated. Of course, there’s people who I love deeply, respect, admire and adore ~ children, wife, family, a few friends. But these days I’ve learned the importance of reconciling and being good with the man in the mirror. The man in the mirror is the one who really knows my shit. The man in the mirror keeps me accountable. ~ dj #thebasics @leoeditdaily
Big THANK YOU to my ace stylist @ilariaurbinati 🇮🇹 and her iconic men’s fashion site @leoeditdaily ⭐️ As busy and as wildly immersed as my life has become, I’m still a ‘cut to the bone’ basics kind of dude. Mahalo @leoeditdaily for the very kind words and great questions! And you’re right, I am full of “merriment and mischief” 😉😈 and I’ll always love shining the spotlight on other people. ~ dj 🥃🖤 #thebasics #leo
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” ~ nietzsche One of my favorite quotes and very productive work week of filming. Thank you team ~ let’s dance. YOUNG ROCK 💪🏾🌺 Season 2 @sevenbucksprod @nbc
What a productive & positive week of kicking off YOUNG ROCK ~ SEASON2!! 🙏🏾🎥 🎬 This #YoungRock💪🏾🌺 venture will always be the most surreal journey of my career. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the unpredictable, wild and at times ~ intense & tough ~ pro wrestling upbringing I had with my family would eventually bring people some joy, a lotta laughs and life lessons along the way. Surreal. And what a talented crew. Love U guys. Let’s get to work and have some fun. #youngrock💪🏾🌺 #season2 @sevenbucksprod @nbc #riphalynahutchins 💫
THANK YOU to all our Mana Ohana at @uclahealth ❤️ for your tireless commitment to our families and our communities!! Our @teremana MANA MOBILE & our @saltandstraw ICE CREAM DREAM MACHINE 😊🥃🍞🍨 are honored to serve you with our delicious (guilt free 😉) French Toast & Ice Cream. As always, your money is no good at the Mana Mobile, because ITS ALL FREE!!! It’s always, ALL. FREE. We love you guys and we thank you for all you do ❤️ Happy Holidays to you and your families. ~ dj 🖤 team teremana team salt & straw
“You’re right. Superheroes don’t kill bad people. But I do.” ~ BLACK ADAM⚡️ The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is changing. I’m pumped to share with you 🌎 our new @TotalFilm subscriber cover. And our new collectors edition cover DROPS NEXT THURSDAY 12/9 on newsstands. #TotalFilm #2022Preview #Ruthless #TheManInBlack #ProtectorOfHisPeople #BlackAdam⚡️
BLACK WONDER POOL has a nice ring to it⚡️👩🏻💀 Always a BLAST with my RED NOTICE co-stars @gal_gadot & @vancityreynolds 🥂 Good dirty belly laughs all around 😈👍🏾 And thank you guys 🌎 for making our RED NOTICE, the biggest movie in the history of @netflix. Truly, you’ve made Red Notice the biggest streaming film of all time. It’s crazy. Thank you. ~ dj 🖤🥃
6am’er💥💪🏾 Have a productive rest of your week, my friends. #ironparadise #thebull #slapandtap #isymfs
Late night grind in the #IronParadise and as always, POWERED BY @zoaenergy💥⚡️ Our goal with creating ZOA was to deliver the cleanest and tastiest natural caffeine, vitamins, electrolytes & aminos to provide you with healthy energy when you get to that ZERO POINT ~ with focus and immunity so you’re always taking the HIGHER GROUND. Because when it’s all said and done and all the smoke has cleared ~ drinking ZOA, will always give you the strongest FOUNDATION in the UNIVERSE 🦾 Have a PRODUCTIVE rest of your week my ZOA Warriors! Sip your ZO, now LFG!!!! #ZOAEnergy #ifyouknowyouknow
“Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold and outlaws touch the ladies somewhere deep inside their soul” Yes we do 😉🥃 Raisin’ a @teremana to my fellow outlaws @mickey_ml750 @jameyjohnsonofficial #meloniecannon #buddycannon #outlawmana #watasha #ladiesloveoutlaws 🥃👊🏾
Reposting this beautifully written post from my RED NOTICE creator, writer & director @rawsonthurber. What’s crazy is this all started when we were having dinner 5 years ago and he said, “So… I have this big idea…” I said, “I love big ideas, lay it on me” 😊🥃 The rest is history. * repost * @rawsonthurber Speechless. Just speechless. 328.8M view hours #1 all time 121M subscriber views #1 all time #1 movie in the world three consecutive weeks (a record) Top 10 in all 94 countries three consecutive weeks (a record) Fastest to #1 all time (11 days) Biggest opening weekend of all time 98th percentile in completion rate 92% audience score And still 12 days to go!!! This only happens when an audience embraces a movie that they love. We made RED NOTICE to entertain the world and the reaction to it has been so deeply heartening and inspiring I honestly don’t have the words to fully express my gratitude. So I’ll just say this: THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. === @therock @vancityreynolds @gal_gadot @sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco @netflix @netflixfilm @hhgarcia41 @danygarciaco
Holy shit 🤯 Breakin’ out the @teremana 💯🥃🥃 RED NOTICE is now the most watched film in @netflix history, officially making it the #1 ALL TIME MOVIE in streaming. Previous record held by BIRD BOX in 2018 with 282 million hours viewed. With still 11 days to go, RED NOTICE has been viewed for a staggering 328 MILLION HOURS. With an INCREDIBLE 92% GLOBAL AUDIENCE SCORE!! 🤯🌎🍿🍿🍿 And we have almost two weeks left of our global run to tally up these extraordinary and ground breaking metrics. Love U guys and THANK YOU!!! 🙏🏾 @sevenbucksprod @flynnpictureco @rawsonthurber #rednotice💎
* link to listen in my bio☝🏾 Huge congratulations to my 🖤 @laurenhashianofficial on dropping her NEW SONG “What You Want” (Deja Vu) 🎶🔥 This dream team KILLED IT 👏🏾👏🏾🥃 @naztokio @aja_elan @devinjmorrison @jameshyunkang If you VIBE on that early 90s R&B FLOW like we do, then you’ll love this jam. Lauren has had an INCREDIBLE 2021 in music ~ as a writer, singer, producer and director 🥂🎼🎥 Man I’m so proud and grateful. Proud of her work ethic, boundless talent and humility that inspires everyone she comes in contact with. And grateful that I’m the lucky one with a front row seat to watch it all unfold and be a small part of her big life story. Break open your @teremana and enjoy that VIBE 👊🏾🥃🖤 #WhatYouWant 🎶 * link to listen in bio ☝🏾
Very exciting holiday season 🎅🏾🎄 as our long awaited @teremana ANEJO 🥃 is rolling out across our country 🚚 🇺🇸 THANK YOU to all our big chain superstores and all our amazing independent spirits partners for your incredible support. TEREMANA is the record breaking sales tequila and 2021 TEQUILA OF THE YEAR because of our phenomenal partners and most of all, because of all of you ~ THE PEOPLE enjoying our Mana 🥃 Our ANJEO is flying off the shelves (literally) so grab your bottles when you can and ENJOY our hand crafted, one of a kind tequila. Happy Holidays & Bring the Mana! ~ dj founder teremana tequila #tequilaofthepeople 🥃
Toast my 🇺🇸 Sipped the ZO, now LFG. Cold steel kinda night in the IP. Wanted to shake things up and disrupt my week by training legs on Monday. Brutal. Got my ass kicked. But tonight was a real vibe anyway. An intense fucking vibe. Grateful for the grind. #ironparadise #intheair @zoaenergy
Productive meeting 📈 2022 = the year of @zoaenergy💥🍃 Thank you to our entire ZOA TEAM of strategic hustlers and hungry ZOA PARTNERS in @molsoncoors for aligning our brands to disrupt the category and deliver for our boss ~ the consumer. THANK YOU everyone for making ZOA, the #1 FASTEST GROWING ENERGY DRINK IN THE MARKET. High quality formulation. Healthy choice for energy. Results & passion in every can 💯 2022 here we come. Sip your ZO, now LFG!! dj @danygarciaco @daverienzi john shulman juggernaut capital ~ founders ZOA ENERGY
What a long road of business and enterprise we have built. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYs @danygarciaco 🥃 🎉 🥳👏🏾👏🏾 🎂 💃🏻 🕺🏽 I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dany since I was 18yrs old. She’s always been driven (Chairwoman & founder of multiple companies). Always had a strong financial acumen (starting from her early Merrill Lynch days). And ALWAYS had an extraordinary prescience and macro view of how to architect global success with my enterprises. Dany identified very early - even when I was a punk kid in my teens - the unique relationship and connection I’ve been lucky to have with people over the years. Her new position of Global Strategic Advisor to Seven Bucks Companies (the holding company that houses all my businesses) is one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. That’s saying a lot considering I became famous for wearing a fanny pack 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ Happy Birthday, my friend and enjoy your birthday!!! Onward, upward. Gratitude, grit. dj 🥃 #happybirthdayDG #globalstrategicadvisor #sevenbuckscompanies